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Looking at the Ad Hoc #17 custom its hard to believe that it is a Honda NX650 build. A bike that was popular in the 90’s for its Dual-Sport charm and practically indestructible quality. 

Ad Hoc Cafe Racers is usually one of our teams favourite go to guys to find a new tantalizing custom build and David González never disappoints. Ad Hoc, as the name suggests is dedicated to provide perfect custom motorcycle solutions to customers’ needs and more than that, it serves as a source of releasing the immense artistic talent inside of David. Over the years you would have seen quite a few Ad Hoc builds featuring proudly through all of our ColumnM social presence. That said, today I would like to talk about David’s latest creation, the Ad Hoc #17, a custom Honda NX650 build that’s pretty to look at and equally promises to be an absolute blast to ride.

Honda NX650 by Ad Hoc cafe racers-5

David says that this Honda NX650 build is special for him on many counts, mostly because this being a project undertaken for a friend and the other that was about David’s wish of getting a chance to make a Honda NX650 build for some time that finally ended up becoming a reality. Those who know David’s work know of his inclination towards builds that are usually chunky and muscular while being bestowed with a fairly original style much different than the mainstream. And this build fits the tradition perfectly as well. However, as much as David was excited about this build, he says that there was a small delay in the completion of this project largely owing to Ad Hoc shifting to a new workshop.

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The Honda NX650 was a pretty popular little dual-sport from the 90’s. The donor bike for the Ad Hoc #17 Honda NX650 build was a 1991 model to be precise. Those who have ridden or owned it are known to admit that the bike was pretty reliable with the Honda’s practically indestructible build quality on full display. However, being a dual-sport , the NX650 was a tall rugged bike that David wanted to transform into a build that was as compact as possible. To achieve the target the Ad Hoc team went ahead and lowered the suspension by 9 cm. It was further coated with neoprene sleeves. Lowering of front suspension required front tyre size reduction as well, the new wheel size now being #17 inches. The front now wears a 130 section while the rear is a 140 section, both wear Heidenau K66 rubber.

Honda NX650 by Ad Hoc cafe racers-19

The Ad Hoc #17 Honda NX650 build was then given a tank from the Honda CL350 to carry on the compact appeal. The tank was painted in a matte black shade highlighted by two different shades of orange in bright finish which match the detail of the visor on the headlight. Clearly the build required a whole new rear subframe and it was build following a structure similar to the originals. The new custom rear subframe was painted with a powder coat similar the rest of the builds metal parts. The custom seat is made from cow hide and has a back pocket. The custom seat also holds the battery and the electricals as well.

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Going further, David made do without a key for ignition, instead the bike comes to life through a remote control now. The minimal digital console is from Motogadget while the grips are Oury and the handlebar is an Easton Exp. The collectors have been rebuilt to pass through the bottom of the engine, the exhaust tail is Supertrapp. The air filters and exhaust is from Uni which required re-calibration of the carburetor. You can find more on this Ad Hoc 17 Honda NX650 build by visiting Ad Hoc Café Racer.

Honda NX650 by Ad Hoc cafe racers-1 Honda NX650 by Ad Hoc cafe racers-3 Honda NX650 by Ad Hoc cafe racers-9 Honda NX650 by Ad Hoc cafe racers-8 Honda NX650 by Ad Hoc cafe racers-7 Honda NX650 by Ad Hoc cafe racers-6 Honda NX650 by Ad Hoc cafe racers-11 Honda NX650 by Ad Hoc cafe racers-12 Honda NX650 by Ad Hoc cafe racers-10 Honda NX650 by Ad Hoc cafe racers-15 Honda NX650 by Ad Hoc cafe racers-18 Honda NX650 by Ad Hoc cafe racers-21

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