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Compared with the sheer size of the known universe, this third rock from the sun that we call home is not even worth a speck of dust, however, you would still need a few lives to actually go and visit each and every corner of this blue planet. With time already against us we could only imagine how the life can be across the fence in the land where there are no bills to pay or instalments to be taken care of, a world where we could head out at will with our soul mate and visit some place where we have never been before. Saying that, we absolutely adore the globe-trotting couple of Alberto Lara and Naomi Tweddle who travel across the length and breadth of the world on their modern adventure tourers, and share with us their outstanding journey through some stunning calendars, and to continue the tradition, the Adventure Motorcycle 2017 Calendar by this amazing couple has gone on sale and is breathtaking to say the least.

This Adventure Motorcycle 2017 Calendar celebrates the couple’s overland travels through some of the greatest and the most spectacular places on earth. This Adventure Motorcycle 2017 Calendar covers the journey of Alberto and Naomi through the vastness of Chile, Oregon, Colorado and Peru as the couple captured mountain tops, desert floors and coastal railways through their cameras. To charter these challenging terrains, this amazing couple relied on their adventure motorcycles utilizing every ounce of capability these highly functional motorcycles possess.

Travels with a Globetrotting Couple

A collection of the best pictures from this majestic journey by Alberto and Naomi can be yours for $15.99 in the form of the Adventure Motorcycle 2017 Calendar. This Adventure Motorcycle 2017 Calendar is published by Octane Press and Lee Klancher has helped Alberto and Naomi to edit their photographs for this large format calendar which is visually captivating and hugely inspiring. You can purchase the calendar from – octanepress.com and among other outlets as well.

This amazing Adventure Motorcycle 2017 Calendar consists of photographs that showcase the true traveller spirit of Alberto and Naomi. Alberto who was born and raised in Peru got hooked to travelling very early in his life since his father worked in the remote mining locations of the Peruvian Andes and it required the family to regularly travel deep into the mountains. Alberto’s father gifted him his first two-wheeler at the age of 12 in the form of a 50cc scooter which was with him till he turned 17. At the Age of 23, Alberto shifted to Canada, where five years later he met Naomi and it was Naomi who taught Alberto to ride a proper motorcycle.

Adventure Motorcycle 2017 Calendar

Naomi, a Canadian born in Victoria grew up in a small island community in the Southern Gulf Islands and since childhood, she was exposed to the world of motorcycles since her parents used to take her and her sister to bike trips on their trusted 1978 Triumph Bonneville and the 1973 Honda CB. Naomi was only 16 years old when she started riding motorcycles to satiate her hunger for adventure. An adventure lover, Naomi has documented her journeys of more than 100,000 kilometres and across 12 countries through various channels such as blogging and photography and still continues to pursue travel opportunities riding motorcycles.

For the creation of this magnificent Adventure Motorcycle 2017 Calendar Alberto and Naomi were helped by Lee Klancher who has been in the field of publishing for more than 20 years, and has the honours of being an editor and publisher of some of the most respected best-seller in the transportation niche.
You can find the Adventure Motorcycle 2017 Calendar with its ISBN-13 Number: 9781937747695 and this 24 page calendar is scheduled for publishing on July 30th, 2016 and you can also find the same with a subtitle: travels with a globe-trotting couple.

Also, do let us know what you think about heading out to the unknown with your beloved on an adventure motorcycle in the comments section below.

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