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October 30th, 2015

It would be so nice if one’s dirty and sweaty gym clothes could find space inside a bag  that can also carry work clothes and equipment without mixing up odor and sweat from one side to the other. This would  be greatly huge since one can hit the gym right after or before office, while at the same time not smelling in such way that people would form opinions.

Aer Duffel Pack Work And Gym Bag Carry Aer Duffel Pack Work And Gym Bag Back Aer Duffel Pack Work And Gym Bag 01 Aer Duffel Pack Work And Gym Bag Front Aer Duffel Pack Work And Gym Bag Side

Well now that is possible, thanks to San Fransisco-based company called Aer who have designed a unique backpack that does exactly the same. Called the Duffel Pack, the bag has separate compartment for gym clothes and a completely different one to store your office wear. Both the compartments are separated by a YKK waterproof zipper so that no water or sweat reaches the other side.

Aer Duffel Pack Work And Gym Bag Compartments

The backpack also features a unique water-resistant and ventilated sneaker storage area actively dries your guy shoes while reducing odor via ventilation. Apart from this there are plenty of side pockets and compartments to fit in the rest of your worldly possessions like phones, wallets, keys etc.

Aer Duffel Pack Work And Gym Bag Storage

The Aer Duffel Pack is currently being offered on discount at the Huckberry Store for $134 (regular price $150) for the next 1.5 days or so. While we definitely recommend you grabbing one while its at discount, the flat price of 150 bucks isn’t that much over the top for the sort of organisation and convenience the bag brings.

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