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October 10th, 2016

Affordable Sports Cars That You Can Take Racing

In motor culture, one of the essentials of the whole experience is to exploit the proper performance out of one’s machine every now and then. While a weekend drive might be the best form of getting away from city annoyances and leaving behind worries, you are still on public roads where one can only push the car’s performance to a “publicly-accepted safe” limit. To properly extract one’s own talent and their car’s full potential the racetrack is where we must all go. While one’s Tesla P100D might be the fastest production car on the road, the bulk of batteries that it houses might not be the best option for the track. On the other hand, the new Porsche 911 R is a fantastic track car, it isn’t terribly affordable (not to mention unattainable due to the limited run). So what are the best affordable sports cars that can be taken onto the racetrack while still having gallops of fun?

Affordable Sports Cars Option 1 – Older BMW M3s

Affordable Sports Cars For Track Day BMW E36 M3

Wether its a E36, E46 or E90 BMW M3 they are all fantastic fun on the racing circuit. These are cars that where developed on the racetrack, and so naturally once they are on it, they shine the brightest. While an E90 BMW M3 isn’t really the cheapest option for a sporty track car, the E36 and E46 models are a blast to drive on the circuit. Don’t believe us ? Have a look at the video below to see how a 20-year old BMW M3 fares on the track. But be sure you pick up an European version though, since the American versions weren’t all that powerful. However, if you are looking for the most affordable sports cars that you can hit the track with, a regular BMW E36/E46 3-series (325i) can be a great alternative. One could be bought relatively cheap and can be modified to perform better over time.

Affordable Sports Cars Option 2 – Mazda Miata:

Affordable Sports Cars For Track Day Honda Civic

Yes the dreaded Miata somehow makes in every list of sports cars that exists. While the Miata might be heavily underpowered and to some quite fugly to look at, it makes for an excellent car to take racing for a very affordable price. The best part of the Miata experience though is the endless possibility to upgrade the car where people have even swapped its paltry little 1.6 or 1.8-litre engine with much bigger LS2/3 V8 units. The results are insane levels of power from an already lightweight, well-balanced car as Matt Farah found out in the video below.

Edit: If you want to take the Mazda Miata to the next level where it is very specifically a track racing machine, the Exocet Miata kit car is a fantastic option as well.

Affordable Sports Cars Option 3 – Porche 944:

Affordable Sports Cars For Track Day Porsche 944

The Porsche 944 isn’t the most powerful car Porsche has made by miles. But they are one of the most affordable sports cars to buy for incredibly low prices. While in its stock tune, the 944 might not be the most powerful car to go racing or on the track with around 160-170bhp, they are great cars for learners to understand how to carry momentum into corners. As expected from any generation of Porsche the 944 too has brilliant handling. The cheap price of a relatively good-condition used 944 would leave you with lots of spare change to later on tune to car’s brakes, suspensions and engine at a later point in time, like the owner of this particular Porsche 944 has done in the video below.

Affordable Sports Cars Option 4 – Honda Civic

Affordable Sports Cars For Track Day Honda Civic

While for the most fulfilling experience from racing on the track can be had in a rear-wheel drive car, the front-wheel Honda Civic isn’t a bad option too, albeit the least preferred one. It isn’t exactly a sports car either. But like the stock Miata MX-5, a stock Civic on the race track would be an embarrassment to performance, a properly done up car can be fun and post equally good lap times as a stock BMW or Porsche. Speedhunters have a great article on how to build a good Honda Civic racing car which we highly recommend you give a read.

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