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November 28th, 2016

While in today’s world, there are several options when it comes to trailers that can be hooked to the back of your SUV, the Airstream Basecamp provides something quite unique that others won’t be able to.

Imagine this. It is a long weekend for which you have been waiting for a long time to head out for a kayaking trip. While you have a substantially large SUV where the kayaks could be mounted to the roof, there is still a question of how comfortably one wants to spend their nights when camping out there in the open world. While the tent is the easiest-approachable solution, it is still not the most elegant… or even the one that can pack in all you need for an overnight trip of this kind. Hence the necessity is for a dedicated trailer that keeps you isolated from the varying temperatures outside, while also providing some creature comforts while you camp out for the night.

Airstream Basecamp Outdoor 2

To put it straight, the Airstream Basecamp is very much a trailer that hooks on to the back of your SUV and is ready with a proper place to sleep and cook, along with a toilet which makes the whole experience feel all the more complete. This isn’t some revolutionary thinking since there are many trailers that are available doing exactly the same. But where the basecamp differentiates from the rest is the way it is built, right from the sturdiness that the semi-monocoque chassis would offer to the aerodynamic shape that ensure that you would encounter the least amount of drag while pulling the thing to where you want to camp out. The Airstream Basecamp looks fantastic, not only from the outside, but also when you see the wide panorama view you get from the almost three quarters inside view as well. Off course, this thing isn’t going to be the cheapest out there, but it is surely going to be one of the most beautiful way to go about trailer’ing out to the wilderness. Gear Patrol did recently get a chance to camp out with the Basecamp trailer and their experiences are quite well documented as you would expect. You can learn more about the Airstream Basecamp over here.

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