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on January 30th, 2015

It you thought that the supreme aftermarket exhaust manufacturer would have given away the first opportunity to present their exhausts for the latest 2015 machines, then off course you would be wrong. The top-drawer exhaust maker has already come out with a slip-on unit for the Kawasaki Ninja H2, and it matches to the sinister looks of the supercharged machine.

Akrapovic Exhaust For The New Kawasaki Ninja H2 side profile

While we still await to hear more on the technical aspects of the new slip-on exhaust unit from Akrapovic, we are are certain that the sort of grunt that that bike resorts from its installation would result in an evil’s wail. It would also make the bike even more devilish as it’s full carbon fiber construction would help shave off some weight from the machine.

The best part is that the exhaust would be a complete bolt-on, turnkey unit, with no additional engine remapping required to make it work at full efficiency. The reason for the exhausts ‘different’ looks according to the company is that it was the most optimal shape that provided the best flow during their bench tests.

Akrapovic Exhaust For The New Kawasaki Ninja H2 three quarter view installed

So now apart from actually hearing the H2 with the exhaust for the first time, we also have to wait for the pricing and the power specs that it brings on board with it. With the Ninja H2 being priced at $25,000, it’s safe not the expect a bargain price for the exhaust.

Akrapovic Exhaust For The Kawasaki Ninja H2 – Image Gallery

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