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on October 29th, 2015

Yamaha has gone all guns blazing into the 44th Tokyo Motor Show. From showcasing their first ever automobile, Yamaha has brought a long list of new concept vehicles for the two wheel world to the shop floor. Here is a list of everything good that Yamaha brought to the Tokyo Motor Show floor with details, images and videos.

Yamaha PES2 Electric Sportbike Concept

Yamaha PES2 Electric Sportbike Concept from The Tokyo Motor Show 2015

Yamaha’s claim is that the PES2 concept electric sportbike is the future of road-going sport bikes. Why? While Yamaha at this moment isn’t too keen on divulging any information, from the video of the PES2, its clear that the motorcycle concept features a front wheel motor, meaning that it is a two-wheel drive motorcycle. In the video Yamaha shows a set of Sony gadgetry such as a smart helmet, wristwatch and instrument cluster all help in making the rider safe and more informed.

Yamaha PES2 Electric Sportbike Concept- Image Gallery

Yamaha MWT-9 Concept

Yamaha MWT-9 Three Wheel Motorcycle Concept From The Tokyo Motor Show

We have already gone and shown you a teaser of the motorcycle here before. Now that the motorcycle concept is fully unveiled, we know that it is a concept three-wheeled motorcycle that is designed for sporty performance unlike the Tricity before it. The wheel placement on the inside of the front dual forks allows for more lean angle, improving handling and offering more stability. Yamaha also revealed that the concept is powered by a three-cylinder engine that is derived from the Yamaha FZ-09, which is a 849 cc and has styling that is inspired by the radical new YZF-R1.

Yamaha MWT-9 Concept – Image Gallery

Yamaha Resonator 125 Concept

Yamaha Resonator 125 Concept from the Tokyo Motor Show 2015

The Resonator 125 Concept relies upon Yamaha’s musical origins of creating well crafted products that are enjoyed by consumers. The theme behind the Resonator 125 Concept is lightweight, slimness and compact nature of the motorcycle that offers a sporty riding output, yet remaining desirable due to its bespoke custom touches.

Yamaha Resonator 125 Concept – Image Gallery

Yamaha PED2 Concept Trail Bike

Yamaha PED2 Concept Trail Bike from the Tokyo Motor Show 2015

Yamaha PED2 Concept takes the electric power unit from their road-going concept PES2 motorcycle and a fitting Trail bike frame that can carve out the mountains without disturbing the peace and quiet of nature, while being friendly to the environment. The motorcycle’s systems can be controlled via an app on the smartwatch, while the transmission is such that it allows switch modes between automatic and manual for more advance control over obstacles and tough terrain.

Yamaha PED2 Concept Trail Bike – Image Gallery

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