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December 21st, 2018

Some things are always best experienced in their original recipe. How maple syrup is to pancake, the burbly V8 is to the muscle car, and anything else in its place is pure heresy. But that hasn’t stopped this Russian company from coming up with an all-electric classic Ford Mustang. What looks to you as a classic 1967 Mustang, is actually, and thankfully, a copy, meaning that no actual classics were harmed in this process. The internals are completely worked on from ground up to support electrification. Known as the Aviar R67, this retro-modernist Mustang iteration puts out 850 horsepower to the road via two individual motors, each powering an axle, effectively making it a four wheel drive.

While you might really want to hate on this creation to its every inch, there is some good news. The electric powertrain means that the Aviar R67 can punch through air from standstill at and incredible pace, reaching 60mph (96.5kph) in just 2.2 seconds… pulling all the way to a top speed of 155mph (249.5kph).

For classic aficionados however, there’s more bad news. The Aviar R67 completely ditches the glorious period-correct interiors found on the fastback Mustang from the era for a mix of Tesla and Mercedes-Benz bits. The screen is lifted straight from a Tesla and the air vents seems to come from the modern generation Mercedes cars. The seats too are modern looking units that are sure to put one in a brain-scramble specially, every time you enter the car after seeing the classic-inspired interiors.

I could easily pass the Aviar R67 as a millennial thing, a sort of an automotive hipster that loves the past but lives in the present. However, I am not really sure about what sort of audience this kind mishmash is aimed towards, as it is certainly not something the classic car enthusiast would appreciate. Rich eco-friendly hipsters maybe… But then again, their tattoos and bearded faces would clearly fall out of favour with the Aviar’s interior fit and finish. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below. Photos via Aviar

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