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April 11th, 2017

It was one of those opportunities that doesn’t come very often. He was charming, charismatic and an heir to one of the most outstanding surnames in the history of Formula One. We met Freddie Hunt last year after we struck a collaboration with McLaren for a new artwork. Seeing the attention to detail that goes into every print created by Unique & Limited, McLaren was impressed and got us together with the James Hunt Foundation to create a bespoke piece of automotive art, executed with the signature quality and detail of Unique & Limited.

When the project was finalised, we invited Freddie to our head office in Prague for a photoshoot. An incredibly fun-loving, outgoing and lively character, Freddie spent two days with us as we showed him around Prague, while having conversations that threw light on the intense relation his father and with Niki Lauda. He also told us about how his journey so far with carrying the weight of the “Hunt” name.

Freddie Hunt’s interview left the entire team at Unique & Limited with a lot of energy, inspiration, and positivity. What came as a result of our collaboration with McLaren, the James Hunt Foundation and Freddie Hunt was this beautiful artwork that takes us back in time to more than 40-years ago, to the very day that would decide James Hunt’s championship.

Our artwork, “Hunting for Victory” is an homage to the final race of the 1976 Formula One season that took place at the Fuji Speedway in Japan. It was a climax to one of the most controversial seasons in Formula One racing that had everything – excitement, drama, tension as the two gladiators Niki Lauda and James Hunt came neck and neck to decide the outcome of the championship.

Hunting for Victory by Unique and Limited

Hunting for Victory

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