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January 28th, 2016

Karl Krohn’s commemoration by the British Customs is yet another addition to their archival stand-up called ‘Legend Series’. After we updated you with their similar tribute to Eddie Mulder and Sonny Nutter by British Customs, Karl Krohn is now been added as yet another jewel in British Customs’ ‘Legend Series’; turns out that Karl Krohn had also tuned engine for Eddie Mulder to become a lifelong friend. However, for this eclipsed luminary called Karl, it all started with tuning and racing drag cars which were far better than the lot out there. Eventually, this love and passion for tuning engines started looking for something more, which hatched the egg of motorcycles in Karl’s heart. And it would’ve been sheer injustice of time to not come across the legendary rider Bob Ewing, than co-incidence.

Karl Krohn on bike in action

Which is how the idol of Mufti was discovered by Bob Ewing, who owned the Mission Hills Motorcycles and was a member of notorious Checkers MC. This, in turn gave Karl a lot of scope and air to breath to not only tune engines at Bob’s but to become a full-fledged tuner and racer at Checkers MC who ran only British bikes, especially Triumph.

Karl at a shop

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British Customs Legend Series rider on Triumph with British Customs badge

British Customs Legend Series

Here’s where Karl’s life dropped a gear and motored literally in ‘triumph’ in one hell of a journey till now, Karl is now 76 in 2016 by the way. The reason we say that is because Karl started tuning engines for Eddie Mulder who claimed ‘wins’ right from desert races to 8 times win in vintage motorcycle class PPIHC in 1998. Karl then bought Bob’s shop, to later shake hands with the legendary rider Jack Hateley at the iconic Triumph of Burbank which was again ran by Karl for nearly twenty years, after Jack passed away. This led Karl to take another step to build engines for his son David Krohn for the most admired Pikes Peak International Hill Climb; who won consecutively in 1996 and 1997.

Karl in a drag race

Karl who believes in respecting a bike has safeguarded his skill and heritage by carrying forward the same (especially Triumph) to his generations ahead. Like Karl’s son David, who is a successful flat-tracker, an established side-car racer and has mastered his skills of hot rod as a builder. Same goes with Karl’s Grandson who is keen flat-tracker, keeps interest and participates in dirt racing and has a heart filled with love for Triumph for obvious reasons.

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Karl Krohn with son and grandson astride Triumph

Karl astride a Triumph

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