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April 19th, 2016

Automotive Gear

This week’s gear selection takes you diving deep into the core of automotive culture and history. From furniture inspired from classic air cooled Porsches, the selection travels to one of motorsport’s quintessential factors – timing, and moves ahead towards safety and back to some more delicious automotive furniture for office and home.

The Aircooled Arm Shell

Deus Ex Machina Aircooled Arm Shell Chair 8

There are few better ways to convey your appreciation for the legendary Porsche 356 while indoors than this beautifully made Aircooled Arm Shell chair that pays homage to the distinctive vent hole pattern found on the chassis of the Speedster’s seat. The chair has come to life thanks to Deus Ex Machina’s in-house design guru Carby Tuckwell and Modernica’s exclusive customisation processes that takes inspiration from the processes that were developed in the 50s and features a unibody construction, quite similar to the 4-wheeled car that it takes inspiration from. The Aircooled Arm Shell chair has been exclusively made for the Luftgekühlt 3Porshce event that was held at Modernica’s premises on April 10, 2015. Some of the limited-edition (50 pcs) chairs remain and are available for purchase exclusively at Deus.


X-Lite X-661 Extreme Titan-tech

X-Lite X-661 Extreme Titantech

From the golden era of motorsport and the days of the Bell Bullitt, helmet technology has come far. And helmets like the X-661 are only here to take the wearers experience to the next level. The Extreme Titantech is a new, even lighter than previous carbon fibre models that is made from high-quality composite fibres that consist of carbon,glass and Kevlar giving the helmet incredible structural strength as well as an even lighter construction (1330 grams). On the inside, the touring helmet gets a comfortable fabric lining and pillow for optimal comfort over long distances and comes with ready to fit the N-Com X-Series communication systems.

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Omologato Le Mans Racing Blue

Omologato Le Mans Racing Blue

There are many ways to pay homage to Le 24 Heures du Mans, the world’s most iconic endurance race. Omologato is a UK based watch manufacturer with 25 years of experience in building motorsport themed watches that are affordable and sport the right look. Their Le Mans Racing Blue watch comes in at a relatively affordable £249 and has a 45.5 mm stainless steel case with a dial that showcases classic Le Mans colours one cant go wrong with. Water resistant upto 10ATM, the watch features a chronograph Miyota OS20 movement that while not being the most prestigious, gets the job done in every way.


Pirata Corsa Watch

Another classic take on the modern chronograph comes from Pirata Della Strada, an Italian design performance wear brand that is inspired by the world of exotic supercars, Formula one and motorsport in general. The Pirata Corsa Watch  is the company’s latest limited-production sports chronograph that features a scratch resistant glass, stainless steel casing, genuine leather strap and multifunctional movement. But perhaps the most striking feature of the Pirata Corsa is it’s sporty perforated leather strap that gives the watch a very unique and distinct character.

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Porsche Office Chair RS

Porsche Office Chair RS

While you cant possibly get office work done while sitting inside a car, the Porsche Office Chair RS brings you closest to that experience while signing off documents at work. The chair is an actual unit that comes from the Porsche 911 Carrera GTS and GT3 model and features fully electronic backrest adjustment that is powered by a rechargeable battery. The armrests and height is adjustable while you sit snug in a plush leather and Alcantara construction. Not only does the chair brings an air of sportiness in the office, but at $6,570 it also brings in a lot of motivation to fill in broken bank balance.

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