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July 15th, 2017

The Avionics V1 Electric Bicycle is the final iteration of an idea that sparked after founders Jaromir and Bartek met two years ago. With both of them having a common passion for the early days of aviation and motoring, the pioneers of the era and engineering combined their knowledge and understanding to create an electric bicycle that’s perfectly representative of specific era of innovation through its design, while representing the future in its function and practical approach.

In today’s modern times where the internal combustion engine is on the verge of being replaced with electric power, we come full circle around the fact that electric vehicles are actually as old as the motoring industry itself. So in a way, the Avionics V1 is an imagination of what our motorised products would have looked and functioned like 100 years ago if electricity as a medium for land-based propulsion would have stuck around.

The Avionics V1 Electric Bicycle is made from a combination of steel, wood and leather. The steel of course, forms the structural part which also includes the leaf spring-style arch between the saddle and the front of the electric bicycle. Elements as the power unit, saddle and headlight casing are made from wood while the handebar grips and fork covers are made from leather. The design is at its minimalistic best where the least amount of components are used. This while taking the simpler, more elegant approach to things also means that there is less to go wrong.

For drive, the Avionics V1 Electric Bicycle is powered by a 5,000 watt brushless electric motor that is powered by a 24.0 Ah lithium ion battery that has a maximum range of 120 kmph in street mode. The battery can be charged to full in 2-3 hours while also featuring brake energy recuperation. This energy comes from a set of discs that are 203mm front and rear. Pre-order for the Avionics V1 electric bicycle expected to follow from September onwards. Head over to their website to know more.

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