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September 1st, 2016

Icon’s special division that likes to entertain the crowd with their mad custom builds before they show off their latest riding gear has recently introduced a new collection under the name of Axys. Currently, the new collection features two products, out if which the new Icon 1000 jacket going by the same name is the most impressive.

The Axys jacket features a lovely 1.1-1.3mm leather construction that embeds chest vents and ample amount of perforation to keep good amount of air flowing through the jacket. There is a removable liner inside as well, in case there is further adjustment needed for the weather. And off course, like every other Icon 1000 jacket, the Axys too features the company’s 3D impact protectors on the shoulder, elbow and back. Overall, the new Icon 1000 jacket looks as mean as Triumph that it was launched with. Click here to know more about the Axys jacket.

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