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June 27th, 2017

Brand new for 2017, the Endurance Rally Association (ERA) inaugurates the Baltic Classic Rally. This two-week Classic Car Rally event offered drivers everything, from freezing forests to vast open country roads, gravel driving and plenty more action.

2017 Baltic Rally-6- Classic Car Rally

The Baltics Classic Car Rally was started in Copenhagen, Denmark on Sunday 28th of May, 2017. Strictly limited to classic and vintage cars, the route took in Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, concluding in Berlin on Saturday 10th of June, 2017, covering a distance of roughly 4200km.

2017 Baltic Rally 15- Classic Car Rally

The route was specifically designed to let drivers experience the stunning surroundings and dramatic driving conditions. Part of the plan was also to expose them to historical sections from famous races like the Rally of The Thousand Lakes and Rally Estonia.

2017 Baltic Rally 14- Classic Car Rally

According to the ERA, the event composed of wide sections of flowing gravel roads as well as special tests held on non-damaging, private land. Much attention was given to the comfort of the participants and the crews, with the arrangement of the finest accommodation and dining.

2017 Baltic Rally 26- Classic Car Rally

Icing on the cake was the luxury ferry that the participants enjoyed which sailed the Baltic Sea. On June 10, 2017 the results were calculated along with a poolside lunch and prize giving ceremony.

2017 Baltic Rally 16- Classic Car Rally

Vintage Bentleys dominated the Baltics Classic Car Rally 2017, taking top three spots in the Vintageants category. Peking to Paris European Cup winners Bill Cleyndert and Jacqui Norman emerged as winners, leading the rally in the 1925 Bentley 3-4½.

2017 Baltic Rally 21- Classic Car Rally

Bill said that the WRC stages were real thrill but the entire rally was plain fantastic. Following them were Graham and Marina Goodwin in the 1925 Bentley Super Sports battling against Lars and Annette Rolner who took the third place.

2017 Baltic Rally 23- Classic Car Rally

Rene Declercq and Eric Claeys, driving the 1972 Datsun 240Z claimed victory in the Classics category. Coming in second was Gavin and Diana Henderson’s 1965 Porsche 911, with third place going to David and Jo Roberts in the 1968 Triumph TR250. A special ‘Spirit of the Rally’ award was given to the crew of Charles and Nellie Bishop driving their Vauxhall 30/98.

All images via Gerard Brown / ERA2017 Baltic Rally 18- Classic Car Rally
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