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July 1st, 2017

A race car is a Race drivers priceless possession, It’s hard to guess what legendary Peter Brock would have felt when Barry Sheene went to test his RS500 Cosworth… and crashed it!

“We are still friends, right?” My friend asked as he lay on a hospital bed with a fractured leg and a stupid guilty grin on face sometime back. That utter moron had taken my humble Hyosung GT650R (now don’t you judge me) for a ride and had crashed it to oblivion. Thinking back, I could have replied a ‘yes’ to his question and have proceeded to kill him anyways. But then, I didn’t do it, for the simple reason that I still wanted to buy myself a Ducati, something that would have been a wee bit tough from a prison. That said, as good a story as it is for my future grandkids (and his too, apparently, considering that I left him alive to reach that point), it is still no match to what happened in 1989 when Barry Sheene went to test a car and crashed it!

Peter Brock

Pic Courtesy – Bestmancave.com.au


The pretty fun story also had three major legends from the golden age of automotive racing. They were Peter Brock, Barry Sheene, and an RS500 Cosworth while a wall served as a significant guest appearance. The story goes like this, Peter Brock, an Australian motor racing legend known as “Peter Perfect’ had bought two Andy Rouse Engineering Sierra RS500 Cosworth in 1988. He wanted to race the two cars in the 1989 ATCC. Peter was to drive the #05 while Brad Jones was to take helm of the #105 for the season. However, One of Peter’s friends, a certain Barry Sheene, who had shifted his base to Australia by then, wanted to have a go in one of those race bred Sierra’s.

Barry Sheene Pic Courtesy - Visordown

Pic Courtesy – Visordown


Barry got to test the Mobil liveried #105 at the Winton Motor Raceway, however, he lost control at the end of the start-finish straight and slammed into the wall, basically destroying the car. This mean that the team was now left with only one car which Brock & Brad had to share in the Oran Park 250. The remaining #05 car was also driven by Jones and Mark Larkham at Sandown, Paul Radisich at Bathurst and Tony Noske at Wellington and Pukekohe.

I wonder what had gone through Peter Brock’s mind when he would have found out what Barry had done with his RS500 Cosworth. Glad he left Barry go on and give us the great memories for all those more years until that sad day in 2003.

Source: TenTenths

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