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June 7th, 2017

The Suzuki XR14 RG500 was the motorcycle that Barry Sheene rode to dominate the 1976 season, has now been completely restored by the hands of former Grand Prix technicians Martyn Ogborne and Nigel Everett. Martyn is the very same mechanic who was wrenching on Sheene’s motorcycle during his championship-winning seasons. Barry Sheene rode the Suzuki XR14 RG400 (the factory version of the Suzuki RG500) to four victories during the 1976 season, and also went on to win the championship that very year.

The restoration of Sheene’s motorcycle is a part of 40-year anniversary celebration of his first world title last year. Now that the motorcycle is completely restored to the condition it was 40-years ago, the Suzuki XR14 RG500 will be appearing at motorcycling events to pay homage to the British racer. If you are one who’d love to catch up with Sheene’s championship-winning machine, then you could head over to the Sheene Festival at Oliver’s Mount, The Donington Park Classic Motorcycle Show and / or the British Grand Prix that will take place at Silverstone later this August.

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