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December 17th, 2015

Star Wars Episode VII has been much talked about and its latest trailer has us gushing over how “dark” it is. In a bid to outdo Disney’s run of launching limitless trailers in run up to a new release, the makers of Star Wars unleashed this as a Thanksgiving gift to us. And now, there is a chance for the Star Wars Fans own a working / moving piece of the new droid in the upcoming movie Star Wars: The Force Awakes set to be unleashed onto the world on December 18, 2015. Yes, we are talking out the slick ball-on-ball action droid called BB-8 which is now available to purchase via Sphero.

Star Wars BB8 Toy 1

Looking at the BB-8 remote controlled toy in more depth, the cute looking droid from a galaxy far far away. The droid is a product of Sphero and comes in as a fun thing to play with as the movie it features is the definite flavour of the season. Sphero’s BB-8 is no mere toy but also a robot performer that is laced with Pixar like aspirations. This BB-8 stabilizes itself via an inbuilt gyroscope and features bluetooth connectivity, inductive charging and a hour-long battery and the capability to be controlled via an app from iOS or Android -powered devices.

Star Wars BB8 Toy 2 Star Wars BB8 Toy Specs

The droid is priced at $149.99 and is available at Apple stores, Best Buy and the official Sphero own website. The droid is an icon of Star Wars’ latest installment and reveals a lot on where Sphero sees robotics going in the coming ages.

Star Wars BB8 Toy 3

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