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February 4th, 2016

Love for cars can come in different sizes and forms, be it scaled models of classic cars or European car posters. Car posters for instance directly translate one’s zeal and respect for automobiles. For some, it must be an ultimate mode of meditation, while for others it may be a sophisticated artwork on the walls that demand endless hours of admiration.

Speaking of which, here are some classic European car prints by Martin Miskolci, the man behind the website Petrolified. The project started as a single print only shop on Etsy and has grown into a vivid collection of automotive art prints that we see here today. Martin put his hard work and dedication, mixed with this passion for automobilia into curating an amazing gallery of posters that bring automotive art to the masses. His style of work is minimal and clean, that focuses on what is the most important part of every iconic automobile … its unique shape and curves that define each car and relate it to the era from which it came from.

Printed on a premium satin-gloss paper by archival-quality ink, the material used in the making of these car posters are said to last for a lifetime. The final prints of which are divided into three main categories depending on how they look – The Originals, The Monochromes, and Bespoke which distinctively add magic to this European cars poster list. And this list includes brands like the Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Jaguar and many more. Hope over to Martin’s website Petrolified to check out more.


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