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December 11th, 2015

The Shelby GT350, one of those petrolicious siblings of the Shelby GT500 owned by tycoons’, admired by racing fans since it was born, is out for auction at Ford Lauderdale on April 1-3, 2016. Built around the body of the Shelby GT500 and drawing inspiration from the same, it was somewhere in the mid ‘60s when this legend on four wheels came to life. Since then it has not only been inspiring the racing DNA but has been entertaining the globe of petrolheads as well.Shelby GT350 left angular profile Shelby GT350 right profile

It is said that the idea of building a Shelby GT350 was struck over a phone call. While the Shelby series is known for its fabulous analogous two stripes drifting from the front to the rear, the ensemble of sweat and blood echoes in design and the performance packed under a lightweight hood. This hood was a replacement of the factory made unit. Under this hood sits a 4735 cc thumping out 306 horsepower; thanks to the HiPo V8 engine.

Shelby GT350 engine view Shelby GT350 front grill view still Shelby GT350 interior from driver seat side view Shelby GT350 interior seat view Shelby GT350 tacho view

It is said that the original owner Dr. Paul F. Boyd bought and registered this under SMF5S472 at according to Shelby registry before it was remodelled from outside and under the hood; such as the upped horsepower, retuned suspension resulting in reduced weight. However, the interiors are still kept virgin including the original set of keys; giving you an opportunity to rewrite your own stories.

Other features include:
Other features include Borg-Warner four-speed manual transmission, Nine-inch Ford rear-differential, Steering wheel rimmed in rare wood, ‘Cyclops eye’tachometer.

Via: Auctions America

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