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M Staff


January 6th, 2016

The Honda CB350 is unique example of a motorcycle which does not need much alteration to show off its attitude as a cafe racer. And we’ve got two reasons to say that, one based on its performance back in its 5-year era (1968 – 1973) and second, its appearance. While it is said that there were around Two-Fifty-Thousand units sold by Honda through the 5-year era to justify our above say, the latter part is justified by the black cafe-racer-styled bike which was featured in a movie called ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ with tiny alterations like the bike’s stock silencer was replaced with an up-swept CL350’s exhaust. Didn’t we say it doesn’t need much alteration?

Honda CB350 by Modern Motor Cycle Co. right side profile

However, this did not set in the minds of an Australian based ‘Modern Motor Cycle Company’ (MMCC). This company which was then based out of Australia now operates from headquarters in the USA post its expansion, specializes in quality custom motorcycle parts and general customer motorcycle projects. So, here’s what MMCC did to an already aesthetically decent Honda CB350 to make it look how it does below.

Honda CB350 by Modern Motor Cycle Co. side profile


The first few features you might go ‘wow’ about are, it is a kick-starter only, the right fork which sports a 48mm stainless steel speedometer, hand-made wiring harness, its hard-not-to-notice Clip-on handlebars made out of polished stainless steel by Peyton Place, Japan and Remote Control Alarm System. Other subtle changes include an early style tail light, heavy duty chain with oversize sprocket for obvious reason, Slimline shock absorbers, custom stainless steel headers fitted with baffles and many more


Honda CB350 by Modern Motor Cycle Co. front Honda CB350 by Modern Motor Cycle Co. rear three quarters Honda CB350 by Modern Motor Cycle Co. left three quarters

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