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January 14th, 2015

The benelli Pepe 50 Classic was recently showcased at EICMA 2014. The Pepe is easily one of the most well-presented scooters in the company’s entire range. The scooter sports a retro classic touch, oozing a typical European style.

Benelli Pepe left side profile at EICMA 2014

The Pepe 50 has been designed for light commuting in the the crowded streets and countrysides towns of Europe, where it can easily be manoeuvred through the small, narrow roads.

Benelli Pepe right side profile at EICMA 2014

The most distinguished feature of the scooter is its large round headlamp that sticks out as a bulge in the front fairing and the plastic panels bulge out from both sides under the seat.

The Pepe 50, as the name suggests is powered by a single-cylinder, 50 cc engine that powers the rear wheels through a automatic transmission.

Benelli Pepe instrument cluster at EICMA 2014

The scooter rides on large 16-inch rims for better handling and dynamics and gets a 220 mm steel disc upfront and a 140 mm rear drum brake at the back for stopping. At the front, the Pepe 50 sports a pair of telescopic hydraulic forks while having a floating engine with hydraulic damper at the rear.

Benelli Pepe headlight at EICMA 2014

The scooter presents itself as one of the most chic models in Benelli’s entire range. Its overall elegant design, chrome detailing on the single pod speedo and classy bodywork with contrasting seat colours make for one of the most stylish Italian scooters out there today.

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Benelli Pepe 50 Classic At EICMA 2014 – Image Gallery

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