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August 29th, 2016

One look at the Ducati Scrambler and you would know, Ducati wanted it to be a custom builder’s delight. With classic minimal bodywork and clean lines, the Ducati Scrambler inspires personalisation to a large extent. The moment Scrambler arrived; custom builders around world took up the challenge to create the best Scrambler based builds. And, the trend continued in 2016 as well, throughout the year we have witnessed some incredible Scrambler customs. Here we are listing some of the best Ducati Scrambler Customs of 2016 we came across.

Down & Out’s Fat-Tired Ducati Scrambler

Although we aren’t sure if fat front tyre custom builds serve a lot of practical purpose. However, a lot of people find them interesting. Like that sort of build or not, there is no denying the fact that this Down & Out’s Fat-Tired build qualifies as one of the best Ducati Scrambler customs for 2016. It looks stunning, and adds great deal of meanness to the Scramblers simple yet classy looks. The British company is known to give Bonneville’s a fatter footprint and this Scrambler proves that they have perfected. For more read here.

Down & Out’s Fat-Tired Ducati Scrambler

Ducati Scrambler Custom by Skunk Machine

The Melbourne, Australia based custom motorcycle builder, Skunk Machine had a simple requirement form a Scrambler owner. He wanted Skunk Machine to build hi a Black & White Scrambler with a pair of clip-ons, while rest of the design idea was left to the smart men at Skunk Machine. The result was this stunning and clean looking Café Racer. You can read more about this build here.

Ducati Scrambler by Skunk Machine

Ducati Scrambler ‘Revolution’ by Officine Mermaid

Presented at the Verona 2016, this stunning bobber based on the Scrambler is a work of Officine Mermaid. Officine Mermaid gave this ‘Revolution’ a low-slung 17’’ rear along with the front and rear getting a new fork setup. This stunning Scrambler based Bobber look like it has been designed for come corner carving. While the bikes, Bobber appeal has been taken care by the leather rider-only seat and the gold pin-striping on the tank. To read more about it, click here.

Ducati Scrambler ‘Revolution’ by Officine Mermaid

FCR Scrambler Custom

There is this simplicity that evokes itself out of this FCR Scrambler concept. We liked how FCR has not gone ahead and made huge changes to the Scramblers classic lines. In fact the well thought work on the Scrambler you see in the picture below by FCR shouts aloud the Scramblers Fun and Happy aura. There are two of these lovely Ducati Scrambler customs that FCR has created. For more details on the both these stunning builds, click here.

FCR Ducati Scrambler Custom

The Mike Hailwood Replica

A Ducati Scrambler custom build created to pay homage to a legendary racer had to be legendary. This Mike Hailwood Replica by Ducati Thailand, is nothing short of being an absolute stunner. The build features the iconic combination of Red and Green paint scheme and combined with those subtle white pinstripes and panels, custom-shaped side panels and a custom tail section makes this build an absolute eye candy. We know you want to know more about it, and you can do that by clicking here.

Ducati Scrambler Mike Hailwood Replica

Dirty Fellow Scrambler Café Racer by Beautiful Machines:

By far the most stunning Scrambler based build we have come across in 2016 has to be the ‘Dirty Fellow’ by Beautiful Machines. We can go on and on about the stuff we really like about this build. However, the most important thing about this build is that it enabled a battered and broken motorcycle to come back to life. This also meant, unlike (almost) every other Scrambler build that still shows the basic Scrambler lines, this ‘Dirty Fellow’ Scrambler has whole new design going for it. This is where Malaysian builder, Beautiful Machines has excelled over every other custom builder out there. The end result is so captivating that even after all these months, we are still drooling all over it. Read the complete story about this Stunning build here.

Dirty Fellow Scrambler Café Racer by Beautiful Machines

These were the best Ducati Scrambler customs that have come out this year. If you want to have a look at the best Triumph Bonneville customs for 2016, click here.

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