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June 20th, 2016

The Classics never die! And why would they, for they have been the pivot points where the whole history shifted to a more glorious and a faster world, for they possess a godly aura none of their modern counterparts could ever possibly achieve, for they invoke such deep rooted passion and desires unlike any other piece of automotive history ever will. Thus there is no doubt we will continue to talk about and awe at these classics that defines automotive passion for us as they have done for generations and will continue to do so. Speaking of which, nothing beats the absolute surreal pleasure of listening to a legit classic super car at its full chat, it is an unmatched symphony, an aural magnificence that can give us goosebumps every single time. So being selfless as we are, we have created a short and sweet list of the best sounding classic supercars just for you, so that you can leave all the chaos of the modern world behind and soak into the godly music that some of the history’s most iconic cars created back in the glorious times. Here we go…

The Best Sounding Classic Supercars

Porsche 911 Carrera 2.7 RS:

German’s know the best, and the first car in our list of best sounding classic supercars i a clear proof of that. Considered to be the greatest of the classic Porsche’s the 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS, this car was made solely to let Porsche enter into the racing formulae as the homologation rules required certain numbers to be sold for the public, and boy our ancestors were a lucky lot! The 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS arrives with a larger engine than the 911S and the capacity now stood at 2687cc and it meant the car was now significantly more powerful with 210 very angry German horses raring to unleash hell of race circuits. The car’s engine had MFI, while the suspension was thoroughly revised and stiffened along with a “ducktail” rear spoiler and there were also a larger set of brakes with wider rear wheels and rear wings. And, then there was THAT exhaust note which felt like a purist’s divine orchestra! Listen to it in the video below.

Ferrari 250 GTO:

Well, we doubt there would be any other car in the history of mankind like the Ferrari 250 GTO, ever. This homologation special Ferrari was very very fat, very very red and very very very gorgeous; in fact it might just be one of the most beautiful things the world has ever seen. And let us tell you, this was a rare thing even after its production that ran from 1962 to 1964, in all these years, Ferrari just made a total of 39 cars and in the early 60’s this car retailed with a price tag of $18000, however, while speaking of price, we would like to remind you that one of these Ferrari 250 GTO’s was old at an auction in May 2012 at a price of $38,115,000, yup that’s more than $38 Million! And we are still to get our head around that figure. So now you know how rare and spectacularly priceless (well, almost) this Ferrari 250 GTO is and Oh! Did we forget to mention? It sounds way more expensive than a ‘mere’ $38 Million and for sure our list of best sounding classic supercars could never be complete with this prancing horse. Listen to this absolute breath taking symphony from the marvelous 3.0L V12 that barely held captive those phenomenal 296 horses that were forever eager to feast on their competition.

Lamborghini Diablo:

Lamborghini needed a great car to succeed the Countach, and the Diablo was just that and more, like the next car in our list of best sounding classic supercars. It was ferocious, scary, and almost always angry and also the first ever Lamborghini to break the 200Mph mark. It was a far more comfortable place to be in, as compared to the car it replaced, the Countach and yes, in Spanish Diablo means Devil thus it was no doubt that this Italian devil was nothing short of absolute brutality for which Lamborghini has established itself and no wonder it sounds just like that, a fairly angry devil.

Mercedes 300SL “Gullwing”:

Next up in our list of best sounding classic supercars is the stunning German icon of legendary proportions, the Mercedes 300SL. An absolute masterpiece of automotive design and engineering, the Mercedes-Benz 300SL was, is and forever be among the automotive world’s greatest poster boys. It was everything, a race winner, the world’s fastest production car of its era and above everything else it was just the most beautiful thing on four wheels, ever made. Then there were those gullwing doors, they looked epic and the world saw that design class for the first time and they weren’t just for the style they actually were designed to work around chassis reinforcement that was added to the lower areas by the engineers. An absolute beauty that can pause time when stand still, the moment this legend woke up, it created a sound so captivating that you get high just by listening to it idling.

Ford GT:

The last inour list of best sounding classic supercars is an american legend, the Ford GT. The story of the Ford GT is nothing short of a spicy thriller, it is about pride, it is about vengeance, it is about desire and above everything else it is about winning, no matter what it may take. The Ford GT is an icon, a historical car whose significance and whose stardom can never me matched ever again. It was stunning, was spectacular to drive, was insanely powerful and ate records for breakfast, an absolute American legend! And saying that, the way it sounds can make any true petrolhead go weak in his knees.


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