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on June 10th, 2016

No matter how much we all want to own every decent motorcycle that is on sale out here in the market, most of us have to settle for one or two of them in our lives, cause money. And if you are like us who would not love anything more than getting a chance to hit the track now and then, you would know just how tempting those litre class monsters of the motorcycle world are. Sadly they are pretty expensive and aren’t really known to stand for comfort too. And considering that not many of us can have those as specific track weapons while we have other motorcycles for daily commutes, this leaves us with supersports of the sensible world. Many would argue that supersport motorcycles make a lot more sense anyway and we certainly can’t think of anything that can be said against it. For these supersport machines are not just multi-tasking, but are incredibly well suited for the things they are supposed to do. Te good thing is, there are enough options to choose from this category too and to help you shorten your search, we bring you our choice of Best Supersport Motorcycles for 2016.

These supersport motorcycles are as lightweight and as nimble as a ballerina and when the need be they are as sharp as a scalpel. Born out of international motorcycle racing series, these slim, fast and gorgeous supersport motorcycles are marvels of technology and engineering, while at the same time not nearly as expensive or as hardcore as their litre class siblings. The segment consisting of supersport motorcycles can be dived into three categories essentially, the inline fours hailing out of Japan, the Triple’s from Europe and the twins, well that’s essentially only Ducati territory now. They can also be broadly classified in terms of cubic capacities, with the majority of the segment existing in the 599-700cc range, here two Ducati likes to do things differently, but more on that later.

Best Supersport Motorcycles for 2016

Triumph Daytona 675R –

The top supersport motorcycle on our list of best supersport motorcycles for 2016 comes from Great Britain and has been the benchmark in the segment since years now. Hardcore version of the standard Daytona, the Triumph Daytona 675R extends the spicy recipe of the base bike even further. The motorcycle is amazingly lightweight with a super-sharp chassis that requires little to no effort to turn this bike into a great riding experience. Moreover, you get top spec equipment such as premium Öhlins suspensions, Brembo monoblock callipers, and ABS that is always vigilant about your safety and acts precisely when it becomes necessary to prevent a disaster. With prices starting from $14000 the Daytona 675R is arguably the best value in its class and proves to be one of the sportiest, best-handling two-wheelers in the world.

Best Supersport Bike 2016 - Triumph Daytona 675R

Ducati Panigale 959 –

Next one on our best supersport motorcycles for 2016 collection is none other than Italian exotic Ducati Panigale 959. Why would a motorcycle which has a capacity reaching dangerously close to the litre class ones is considered a supersport is something hard to explain to a lot of people. However, if you are Ducati then you would say that there is a method behind this madness and this largely relates to the fact that Ducati has been a leader in making extremely lightweight motorcycles since years now. So if you can fit in a hugely powerful (and bigger) engine in a bike that still can weigh more or less the same as much smaller bikes, then why not? Add to this the fact that Ducati L-Twin engines would need to have a higher capacity to match up with the inline fours and triples of the competition to stand a chance. So Ducati goes out there and shatters the laid rules of the segment and create a one of its own. Even if you cannot possibly race the Panigale 959 in any of the racing series for the supersports there is no denying the point that this baby Panigale has a lot going for it, and those incredibly gorgeous looks are just among one of them. The Panigale 959 gets a full Ducati electronic package of rider aids and a staggering power output of 158bhp. Retailing at $14995 this isn’t exactly cheap, however, if you are looking for a motorcycle that looks epic, is sheer bonkers on a race track and can be comparatively easier to deal with day in day out, we reckon there aren’t many bikes that can make the Ducati Panigale 959 sound any less.

Best Supersport Bike 2016 - Ducati Panigale 959

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R –

Next motorcycle in our best supersport motorcycles for 2016 collection bears Japanese flag. This entry from the Team Green, the Ninja ZX-6R is exactly what you would want from a supersport machine, light, agile and very very powerful. The 2016 version, continues with the increase in the capacity of 636cc and benefits from a more effective suspension system with optimized mass centralization, and a design that mimics the madder and much more viciously powerful ZX-10R. The bikes track-oriented ergonomics are surprisingly well suited for the road. The frame is sharp and agile through and remains stable even under insane acceleration runs. The Ninja ZX-6R also boasts a comprehensive, state-of-the-art electronic aid package from the elder sibling, the ZX-10R superbike. In particular, Sport-Kawasaki Traction Control offers three selectable modes to go along with the two different power delivery modes, wheelie control, and race ABS. Overall, the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R is more than capable of scaring almost every other bike in the segment and a few above it as well.

Best Supersport Bike 2016 - Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R

MV Agusta F3 675/800 –

Among one of the latest and probably the best looking supersport motorcycle in the world, the MV Agusta F3 675 is a stunner from every angle, and on the basis of how it looks only, it is worth featuring in our best supersport motorcycle for 2016 list. And it is not just about only the looks either, The F3 675 has all the latest electronic aids available including an 8-level traction control, variable injection mapping, ride by wire, launch control, anti-wheelie aid, quick shifter, and much more. Furthermore, the triple-cylinder engine is an absolute aural legit too and it also uses a revolutionary counter-rotating crankshaft which is a technology straight from MotoGP and it helps in improving full-throttle acceleration. Once you set yourself up with a rather (over) sensitive throttle, the F3 675 is an absolute maniac for track days and hot lap sessions. Starting around $14200, the F3 675 makes a real strong case for itself in this highly contested segment. However, if you are game to shell out a wee bit more, then trust us, nothing is as impressive and as utterly gorgeous as the MV Agusta F3 800.

Best Supersport Bike 2016 - MV Agusta F3

Honda CBR 600RR –

As the never ending wait for the upgrade in Yamaha YZF-R6 and the Suzuki GSX-750, the only other Japanese giant which gave us a (relatively) new supersport was Honda when it launched the all new CBR 600RR back in 2013. The Honda CBR 600RR is everything you would want from a Honda, great performance, easy to live with, comfortable and at a price starting from $11500 this is incredible value for money too. All these and that famous Honda build quality means that the Honda CBR600RR makes it in our list of best supersport motorcycles for 2016.

Honda CBR600RR - Best Supersport Motorcycles

Let us know what you thing of these motorcycles from our best supersport motorcycles for 2016 list in the comments below.

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