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September 22nd, 2016

BMW Films Return After 15-years

If you remember the BMW films from back in the early-2000s, you would recollect how much of a rage they were between automotive enthusiasts. They were easily some of the highest quality automotive cinematography and direction that came together with the main protagonist driver Clive Oven being “The Hire”. Back in 2001 when the first of the BMW Films was released, they created a sensational buzz around the world for their innovative marketing approach that had never been seen before. Now, 15-years later, BMW Films return once again.

The first in the new series marking BMW Films return called “The Escape” would once again feature Clive Oven behind the wheel of BMW cars, along with Dakota Fanning, Jon Bernthal and Vera Farmiga. The new series that will be directed by South African director and Neill Blomkamp who’s previous work includes movies like Elysium and District 9, will premiere on BMWFilms on October 23.

If the BMW Film return series are anything like the ones that we had seen 15-years ago, you are in for a stunning ride. All of the previous short films where beautifully directed and were filled with fun, humor, excitement and entertainment that made them pivoting watch. Instead of being bland tool of self-promotion, the BMW films were pinnacles of marketing in which the BMW cars played the silent hero that only came into action when it was needed. Fantastic stuff! and we hope BMW’s upcoming installments bring back the same magic to the screen.

BMW Films: The Escape – Sneak Peek

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