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July 17th, 2015

The Germans are known for their sterile engineering while on the other hand,  the Italians exist for the passion for creating objects of high desire. When both worlds collide, it is a match made in heaven, and that is exactly the case with the Moto Sumisura BMW K100.

Moto Sumisura BMW K100 Tatanka 100 Left Side Profile

The Moto Sumisura BMW K100 in it’s original form is nothing great to look at. Typically German in engineering, the K100’s engine is one of the most efficient powerplants of it’s time. It is also a flat-four engine that deviates from the boxer engines that are usually found on BMW motorcycles, but produces an impressive 90 bhp power too that can manage to propel this 240kg motorcycle way passed 100mph (160kmph).

Moto Sumisura BMW K100 Tatanka 100 Rear Left Three Quarters

Moto Sumisura has knack for old, heavy BMWs that are least desired in their stock forms. The builder/owner Frank believes in taking these lost causes to create something that is seems more of a perfect balance between engineering and design while the resulting product handles better and has a more “tasteful” finish to it… exactly what has gone into the build of this “Tatanka 100” BMW.

Moto Sumisura BMW K100 Tatanka 100 rear seat

The rear frame structure of the bike has been completely modified with the original heavy steel tubings replaced by lighter ones, and then topped off with a classy touch of suede on the seat. The side panels are also replaced by lightweight meshes. The originality is been maintained by keeping the stock BMW K100 tank and brakes disc, but the forks have been replaced with beefier upside-down ones for better handling. For better braking, 4-piston Nissin brakes have been employed. A full-system SuperTrapp exhaust raises the performance a notch while better, grippier Metzeler rubber helps handling the new found power.

Moto Sumisura BMW K100 Tatanka 100 Rear Section

The K100’s final finish relies on a combination of satin, metallic green and silver detailing on fenders and the tank, while the rims and frame is coated in metallic gun metal grey.

The bike’s visual appeal is in it’s sleek looks, subtle styling while holding onto a chunky 1000 cc engine that is an aural delight.

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Images Courtesy: Motorevista

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