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February 9th, 2016

One of the best things about this BMW Landspeeder from Revival Cycles is that it looks futuristic while hinting at a classic cafe racer. In this era of builds that are more or less all the same, Revival Cycles believes that the blend of technical excellence with aesthetic expression which demonstrates the beauty of purposeful form is important. Making a build which is fun to ride and beautiful to behold as well, like this BMW Landspeeder from Revival Cycles. Driven by the passion for motorcycles, a team of an artist, engineer and a designer ensure that their builds strike the right chord between reality and the technical advancements, so that the rider does not have to sacrifice riding experience for technology.


Behind the diguise of this BMW Landspeeder from Revival Cycles is a BMW R100/7 with a lengthened wheelbase and a rebuilt engine. The engine was dropped on the flat-cut steel frame to lower the center of gravity and gain high speed stability. And because this is a display bike, it was not going to need any lights, indicators or alternators, hence, a magneto ignition system with advance control was used. While the steering angle is at 24 degrees with a balanced out with full six inches of trail, at the rear the a five-way adjustable mono shock comes with preload, high speed, low speed compression and rebound.

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