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June 9th, 2017

You know when you get tired of life and all the stress of the week, the job, the house etc, you crave that wonderful ride on the weekend to forget all the stress and experience freedom? Imagine you did that for a year, an entire year on the road! For most of us, all we can do is imagine. But one such couple decide they’d turn this dream into reality, Daniel and Polly, went on a 20,000 miles road trip from Argentina to Alaska on a 1983 BMW R80 G/S, yes you read that right a 34-year old motorcycle.

Photos ©Motorsurgicaldiaries 

This adventurous British couple put their careers on hold to pursue a dream of a lifetime – one year long, 20,000 mile long ride that started in Ushuaia, Argentina and ended in Anchorage, Alaska. They not only fulfilled their dream but also raised money for several children suffering craniofacial defects. The couple raised funds for Facing the World, an organisation that provides craniofacial surgery for the affected children. Daniel and Polly took this beautiful journey on a completely near stock 1983 BMW R 80 G/S with the exception of an after-market Ohlins rear shock. A beautiful example of how motorcycles touch lives and full fill dreams.

They go by the name “Motorsurgicaldiaries” on Facebook and Instagram. The fact that they took a cross country trip on a 34-year-old bike with almost little to no problems reflect the reliability of the BMW motorcycle that is built to last. Throughout the trip Daniel and Polly met several other motorcyclist who shared their passion and dreams. An inspiring journey of two ordinary people doing what they love and contributing to making our world a better place.

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