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What would you do if you are an integral part of a famous custom motorcycle building company and want o to have one custom build for your own use, of course, you would have a custom build that can strike awe and class in the eyes of everyone that would have a sight of your creation, simple. This is exactly what Jonas, has done. Jonas is one-quarter of the Danish Custom Motorcycle building company, Relic Motorcycles and they are known to be a force in their field. Relic Motorcycle is known to thoroughly prepare the design and its execution process even before they set out to work on a physical motorcycle, this lends them exact ideas how they would like the end result to be and keeps the quality work they do going on. Jonas has been riding his Yamaha XS650 and has wanted to have something new in his garage, something that inspires passion and incites his philosophy. Considering he has always been a fan of old BMW boxer twins it was obvious that he would choose a BMW for his own custom build, and Oh Boy! He has come out with this stunning BMW R100RS – Black Baron custom you see in the pictures.

BMW R100RS - Black Baron Rear

To build his own bike, Jonas got searching for an old BMW boxer twin and he finally found one BMW R100RS last year in the south of Denmark and to add to the intrigue, this bike belonged to the Danish Police in 1980’s. Knowing the bike needed a complete overhaul, Jonas set about building his design into reality by first stripping the R100RS into its essentials. Jonas had a clear idea of what his BMW R100RS – Black Baron would look like, and for it, he removed the old rear section of the bike completely while the frame at the centre as extended to facilitate the addition of the Biltwell Harley solo seat. The rear seat also contained underneath its design, twin LED rows that act as rear brake lights. Furthermore, the build was given twin Hagon shocks, a gorgeous exhaust with twin cutaways, Tires are chunky and made by Continental while the handlebars are custom build specially for this BMW R100RS – Black Baron.

BMW R100RS - Black Baron Relic Motorcycles

Whatever it be, the most striking art of this BMW R100RS – Black Baron is its matte black carbon tank that fits and personifies the name given to this BMW R100S – Black Baron build by Jonas. For the rest of the build, the engine block was sanded down and painted in a matching matte black while for the sake of a lovely contrast, the engine’s logo and all the other highlights were sanded down to bare steel. Other bits included a custom Relic Motorcycles branding on the engine plate along with a set of fresh K&N filters and a small yet powerful JMT lithium battery was installed into the BMW R100RS – Black Baron. Continuing the black theme of the BMW R100RS – Black Baron, a CNC machined triple clamp was powder coated in black while the electrics got a proper finishing with an integrated Motogadget speedo.

Jonas has put his heart and soul in his BMW R100RS – Black Baron built and it shows in the final product and maybe this is the reason why one of Jonas friend was so captivated by the design that after a long persuasion he did let go of his beloved build. Do let us know what you think of this stunning BMW R100RS – Black Baron build by Relic Motorcycles in the comment section below.

BMW R100RS - Black Baron Fornt Three Quarter

BMW R100RS - Black Baron Front

BMW R100RS - Black Baron Rear Three Quarter

BMW R100RS - Black Baron Side View

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