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February 10th, 2018

The Silver Bullet MK2 is Pepo Russell’s latest creation that is built on top of his custom motorcycle from last year. A development of the Silver Bullet he constructed in 2017, the MK2 is based on the same 1978 BMW R100RS. The components like the engine and the frame of the earlier bike were damaged during its European tour and had to be reworked thoroughly.

The exterior bodywork like the fuel tank, solo seat, fenders, brackets and exhaust system are all original designs by XTR PEPO in collaboration with an Italian designer, Alberto Caimi. Components for the suspension and engine ancillaries all come from reputed suppliers making the Silver Bullet MK2 quite a capable custom motorcycle. Further, the parts developed by XTR PEPO are also available to be retrofitted to any BMW motorcycles sitting on older frames providing buyers an opportunity to customize their bike to a great extent.

Photos Courtesy- Diego Bermudez. for XTR Pepo

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