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BMW is on a huge nostalgic journey this year, with the recently unveiled BMW 2002 Hommage concept that pays tribute to the iconic BMW 2002, and now the German company has just released an ode to its rich motorcycle history, the BMW R5 Hommage. The BMW R5 Hommage celebrates the 80th anniversary of the legendary BMW R5, a motorcycle that was much more than just a huge sales success for BMW but also brought in great results at racing before the world went at war for the second time.

Designed and executed to perfection by collaboration between BMW Motorrad and the Swedish brothers, Ronny and Benny Noren known for their immaculate custom bike building skills. The Noren brothers build the gorgeous main frame of the BMW R5 Hommage that you can see here in these incredible pictures, and this is not all, the Noren brothers did the beautiful tank and the rear fenders of the BMW R5 Hommage as well in a fairly time-honoured design philosophy. The engine of the BMW R5 Hommage comes from the original motorcycle that was damaged in a crash during racing, this engine was supercharged to get a fair boost from the original engines 26 bhp power output.

BMW R5 Hommage And BMW 2002 Hommage

To make sure that this BMW R5 Hommage finds itself home in these modern times, the concept comes equipped with a front single disc brake, interestingly, it is actuated by a lever located the end of the handlebar, the suspension is also new and so is the beautifully executed exhaust system. BMW introduced this stunning BMW R5 Hommage concept to the world at the just concluded Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este in Italy. During unveil Head of Design at BMW Motorrad, Edgar Heinrich discussed how the original R5 was a masterpiece of engineering for those times and how it was also a beautiful motorcycle to look at with its clean lines and elegant proportions.

We reckon that this concept will also lend itself as a great design study by the German company to create a modern power cruiser on the lines of the original R5, and to compete with the crop of brilliant cruiser iteration from its European rivals. We certainly like the way the design has been executed, and would love to hear your views to in the comments section below.

BMW R5 Hommage Action Shot

BMW R5 Hommage Front Three Quarter

BMW R5 Hommage Headlight

BMW R5 Hommage Rear Three Quarter

BMW R5 Hommage Rear View

BMW R5 Hommage Seat

BMW R5 Hommage Side View

BMW R5 Hommage with Original BMW R5

BMW R5 Hommage

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