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The BMW R69S is probably one of the most famous vintage motorcycles out there in the market, largely owing to the fact that all BMW Boxer R69S were build to last an eternity and the bikes did look splendid in those times too. This is the same reason that around the world, the old BMW Boxer R69S and its successors have found immense love from the custom motorcycle world as is evident from the sheer volume of BMW R69S custom builds around the world. Saying that, in the times when the customs based on these iconic motorcycles are coming thick and fast, finding a mint condition original BMW R69S has become a rather rarity.

BMW R69S Front

This is where Legend Motors come in, this motorcycle shop based out of the Royal district of Lille, is a known specialist in the field of sale, expertise, and restoration of the finest vintage machine of the world. Christophe, the founder of the Legend Motors, decided to open up his boutique showroom for exclusive vintage motorcycles in the niche streets of Lille, and houses few of the most stunning vintage motorcycles one can imagine, he restores every motorcycle under his own supervision along with his team of highly skilled individuals, which includes his wife Julie also. The BMW R69S you see shimmering in pearl white is probably among the finest examples of a BMW R69S we have ever seen.

BMW R69S Rear Three Quarters

Christophe, and is team has given the bike enough caring which meant that it has gone through reconditioning of engine and gearbox, everything such as the bearings, lip seals, valves and guides, segments, wiring harness and ignition, floats and needles from carburetors are new. Also, new is the original exhaust from BMW. This bike also has a all new period correct paint, while the chrome has been redone too, while the steering head bearings, the headlight, the aluminum wheels and their stainless steel spokes are all brand new.

Find more about Legend Motorcycles and their collection at their website and let us know what you think about this brilliant BMW R69S.

BMW R69S Console

BMW R69S Engine

BMW R69S Logo

BMW R69S Tailight

BMW R69S WheelsBMW R69S Headlight

BMW R69S Rear View

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