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Give any one of us a room full of unused parts and we will jump like a kid in a candy store. And why not would that be, unused parts mean that they can be worked upon them which thereby leads to a possibility that they may end up being the founding stones of an entirely new custom build motorcycle. This is exactly what went through the mind of John Yeosock, who is the owner of this beautifully basic and boxy BMW R75 – Bavarian Knight you see in the pictures here. John had grabbed an opportunity to buy an old stash of a collection of unused parts from the custom building house, Blue Moon Cycles and later understanding that he might need an expert guidance to see what can be created from his recently acquired treasure bin, he looked towards the Atlanta-based custom motorcycle maker, Fuller Moto. Both John and Bryan Fuller scavenged through the parts treasure and picked every part that as per them was good enough to create a basic yet modern looking BMW Café Racer from a 1975 BMW R75/5 750cc. Hence, the BMW R75 – Bavarian Knight was born.

BMW R75 - Bavarian Knight Side View

Fuller Moto gave the BMW R75 – Bavarian Knight an extended swingarm, an effort that proved challenging to execute, but in the end, the extension of two inches and an addition of an FOX Monoshock to the swingarm came out to be beautifully done. For incorporating the monoshock, Fuller Moto also gave the BMW R75 – Bavarian Knight a custom rear section made out of chromoly, the same rear section gets a tasty looking rear cowl that compliments the all new aluminium tank, with both having polished aluminium at their sides while also having an integrated tail light from the ’53 Buick. The whole recycle therapy continues to the seat of this smart BMW R75 – Bavarian Knight build, that has been created with a lived in and vintage leather jackets whose lower parts ended up becoming the pleats of the seat and the snap on’s changed their duty to now hold the seat in its place, we reckon it is an absolutely smart idea that can easily be replicated by many aspiring builders.

BMW R75 - Bavarian Knight Front

However, the most striking part of the BMW R75 – Bavarian Knight build by Fuller Moto is the handmade fuel filler cap which has been inspired by the bottle caps of the famous Grolsch beer. The intricate craftsmanship continues to the way the great looking and special custom stainless exhaust hangers suspend the BMW R75 – Bavarian Knight build’s martini-glass mufflers perfectly. The electrical and wiring were upgraded to modern times but still execute the retro charm with the use of American Autowire vintage stock.

All this smart effort makes this BMW R75 – Bavarian Knight build a stunning example of how a lot can be achieved from discarded, unused parts and just for that thing alone this BMW R75 – Bavarian Knight needs to be applauded for. We like it and wait to hear your views in the comment section below.

BMW R75 - Bavarian Knight Rear Three Quarters

BMW R75 - Bavarian Knight Details

BMW R75 - Bavarian Knight Engine

BMW R75 - Bavarian Knight Fuel Filler Cap

BMW R75 - Bavarian Knight Swingarm Extension

BMW R75 - Bavarian Knight Front Three Quarters

For more information: Fuller Moto

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