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This absolutely stunning short film covers snow caped Romania and the BMW X6 M50d xDrive in a way that is giving us major travelling goals

We need not tell you how incredibly gorgeous Romania is and when it snows, this Southern-Eastern European country takes a form of a fairyland. BMW knows is pretty well, they had once shot a beautiful footage during summers in Romania. Now they decided to head back to the country but this time in winters. It was decided that the shoot will happen after there was a 50cm snowfall in just under 24 hours. With the temperatures plummeting to as low as -20 degree centigrade’s and sometimes even below that, it was a job that suited a BMW X6 M50d xDrive perfectly.

Frozen Romania from Stanly on Vimeo.

BMW had taken services of “neat.graphics” run by the Stanislav Cociorva and Ecaterina Cernei couple. Known lovingly as Stanly & Katya, tackled the astonishing snow covered Romanian mountains and its frozen landscapes filming with BMW X6 M50d xDrive. Looking at these pictures, the BMW X6 looks like the perfect car for the frozen mountain roads of Romania.


The BMW X6 M50d xDrive handled the extreme winters with those mountains covered in thick layers of snow incredibly well. The car was capable of taking the crew to the perfect shooting locations without any worries. This has resulted in an outstanding short movie that covered the wilderness and the landscape wearing thick blanket of whiteness. The shooting of this incredible short movie was carried out around 10 locations in Romanian wilderness. The crew shot it in the regions of Bucegi Natural Park: Zănoagei Pass, Tătarul Mare Pass, Bolboci Lake, 713 mountain road, Transfăgărășan road and surroundings, Vânătoarea lui Buteanu Peak, Caprei Peak, Iezer Peak. Castles: castelul Peleș, castelul Bran, cetatea Râșnov along with Olt River and Bicaz Pass.

The exhilarating BMW X6 M50d xDrive completed more than 2500kms over 2 weeks through the shooting. The trip included some breathtaking high-altitude mountain roads that snaked up to 2000 meters. It is along these places lies the epic road of “Transfăgărăşan that Jeremy Clarkson rated as “the most beautiful road in the world”. Then there were appearances from the known Dracula Castle as well.

Below you can watch this gorgeous short film titled “Frozen Romania” and join us as we get major travel goals for future.

BMW X6 M50d xDrive through RomaniaBMW X6 M50d xDrive through Romania

BMW X6 M50d xDrive through Romania

BMW X6 M50d xDrive through Romania

BMW X6 M50d xDrive through Romania

BMW X6 M50d xDrive through Romania

BMW X6 M50d xDrive through Romania

BMW X6 M50d xDrive through Frozen Romania

Pictures Courtesy: BMW

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