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on August 4th, 2017

There are many words to describe the brand new Bollinger B1, brilliant, beautiful, basic, badass, and boss are just a few. The Bollinger B1 turned a lot of heads when it made its debut on July 27th in NYC. This new electric SUV will forever be known as the very first all-electric sport utility 4×4. Although Bollinger hasn’t revealed any manufacturing details the fully working prototype proves that this is the future off-roading and Robert Bollinger the founder guarantees that the B1 will go to manufacturing. The company is taking $1000 deposits through their website and delivery is expected to start in the first quarter of 2019.

So what does the vehicle have to offer? Well it’s more about what EV’s don’t have to offer that makes them so special. No heavy engine, transmission, clutch and torque convertor saves a ton a weight but the real bonus is that instead of having to maintain all the complicated machinery, you get a cool front trunk for extra storage with the Bollinger B1. To top it all off, you can pack your skis or anything even longer upto 12 feet right through the interior.

The interior is sleek and sexy with plenty of room for passengers and cargo. The basic design has no frills or unnecessary gimmicks, just everything you need and nothing more. You can handle up to 95 cubic feet of cargo. If you’re not sure how much space that is, well it’s enough to carry 72 sheets of 1/2” plywood in the rear cargo area plus 3 children in the “frunk” (front trunk/boot).

Also the B1 is a convertible full cab to half cab. Although the off road vehicle looks big, bulky and slow, being electric, the Bollinger B1 is no slouch. The all electric SUV will get you from zero to sixty (mph) in 4.5 seconds, and keep pulling all the way till its top speed of 127 miles per hour ( 204kmph). The B1 will keep up to most petrol/diesels equivalents, possibly even leaving some behind.

The vehicle weighs in at 3,900lbs (1770kg) thanks to the aluminium chassis and high strength low alloy steel in the roll cage. This may look like an older Land Rover Defender but it’s an average of 1000lbs (453kg) lighter and has more promising off-road capabilities.

The B1 is looking to electrify the dirt world. While only time will tell if this new electric SUV is a Land Rover Series 1 of the new millennium, the vehicle is ready to provide the half-century-old icon’s duties. It was really designed for the farm and off-roading with 15.5” of ground clearance and 10” of wheel travel. The underbody has virtually nothing to hang you up unlike combustion vehicles that have drive shafts, differentials and yolks that get in the way. 56° Approach angle, 33° Breakover and 53° Departure Angle show a promising future for the B1 to get places few can reach.

As it goes with all electric vehicles, their only flaw and weak spot comes in with batteries and their charge. The Bollinger B1 will need a 220 volt power source every 120 to 200 miles (193 – 321km) of travel depending on which model you choose. You will need to wait 7-12 hours to get a full charge so long distance road trips are not ideal. If you buy one you will want to get it transported by a professional.

This article has been submitted by Jason Mueller from A-1 Auto Transport

Bollinger B1 Spec Sheet

All aluminum chassis.

60 KWh motor (120 mile range) 100 KWh (200 mile range)

360 horsepower

427 FT-LB of torque of instant torque

105″ Wheelbase

150″ Length

76.5″ Width

73.5″ Height

68″ Rear Track

3900 lbs Total Vehicle Weight

295 lbs Chassis Weight

10.8 Power / Weight Ratio

6100 lbs Towing Capacity

6100 lbs Payload Capacity

10001 lbs GVWR

50/50 Weight Balance

12,000 lb hydraulic winch,
125 ft lead

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