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April 25th, 2017

It is by no accident that Aston Martin is the car of choice for James Bond for the longest possible time. The British brand is the epitome of modern classic looks, luxury and topped by sportiness like a cherry on top of an exquisite Walnut Cake. It fits like a perfectly tailored suit, yet doesn’t seem to take away any flexibility and comfort. So it’s not often that you have an ensemble of the finest Aston Martins from the post war era, so the Bonhams Aston Martin auction 2017 at Newport Pagnell isn’t something that James Bond would miss even if M’s life was at stake. Few of the models on display at the Bonhams Aston Martin sale 2017 are as follows :

1968 DB6 Volante

The successor to the legendary DB5, this Aston had a lot riding on its shoulders and it delivered in spades. This DB6 comes in as a drop head coupe and done in the legendary colour of James Bonds DB5.

1964 Aston Martin DB5

Arguably the most popular car from the James Bond franchise, the DB5 mark III was the first Aston Martin to appear in the James Bond Franchise. It’s stature has been so iconic that it remakes its appearance in the Skyfall giving us massive doses of nostalgia. This example of the DB5 is done in a grey blue colour.

2016 Aston Martin Vantage V12

Being the 74th car of a total of 100 cars ever built by Aston Martin, this Aston has exclusivity written all over it. Filled with bits of Carbon Fiber and done up in the  tasteful Viridian Green, this is sure to capture your fancies and lusting all over it.

1996 Aston V8 Sportsman Estate

Continuing in the aspect of exclusivity, we have the opportunity of being embraced by the 1996 Aston V8 Sportsman Estate, the only estate car to be ever built by the British brand, it’s so filled with exclusivity to the brim that Only 3 cars were ever made, this example has 21000kms on the clock, this Left Hand Drive Aston has been exclusively maintained by Aston Martin ever since it first took shape.

1961 DB4 Series III Sports Saloon Project Car

In its present ownership, it has completed over 40 years and been garaged since 1987, in an attempt by the current owners in restoring it to to its glorious past. The DB4 is offered with all the authentic parts including the wooden steering wheel, bumpers and the fuel pump.

This is a glorious tribute to the iconic cars made by Aston Martin in the last century and with majority of the cars in their absolute factory fresh pristine conditions, there is no doubt that the sight of all these incredible machines will invariably get you to fall in love the iconic British brand, well that is if you aren’t already head over heels in love with it!

Images via Bonhams Motoring

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