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For the cool, retro-futuristic traveller with deep pockets.

One of the best things about those childhood fairy tales were the big plush horse-carriages offering prime luxury. Those seemed like the perfect travel modes to the younger lazy (lazier now) yours truly at least. And this love for opulent comfort as you cross kingdoms in absolute coolness is still interesting. This is where the designs by Bowlus trailers inspire us so much. They have this classic timeless appeal to them, something which transforms their trailers with a fairly retro-futuristic aura. In fact, Bowlus is an expert in understanding the art of building stunning all aluminium travel trailers paired with clever design elements. Their latest retro camper trailer, the Cool Bowlus Trailer Road Chief – On The Road Edition continues their tradition of being among the best aluminium travel trailer manufacturers out there.

Bowlus Trailer 1


This new Bowlus Road Chief gets a premium feel with the interior that is sheathed in aluminium and birch. The trailer’s aerodynamic curves have a retro appeal with tastefully positioned exposed screws. The creature comfort amenities include a full-sized sofa with two armchairs that can be ordered from a choice of six shades. The kitchen has an Italian cooktop with a folding glass top and big enough refrigerator for a weekend. Then there is also a microwave and enough storage for a decently capable kitchen. Style gets added with a designer faucet for the sink which can be extended far enough to let you use it outside the trailer as well. Along with the added storage for stuff that doesn’t belong in the kitchen, the Bowlus trailer has a bathroom vanity that lets you shower either inside or outside as per your choice.

Bowlus Trailer


The Bowlus Road Chief also gets a 6ft mattress with great linen along stylish night table. Lighting is taken care by LED’s and you also get a built-in inverter and an AGM battery lends power aided by a smart 120-watt optional solar panel. Along with these features, the Bowlus Trailer has a unique hot water and heating system. You can see more of the floor plan in the image below.

Bowlus Trailer 2Bowlus Trailer 3

The Bowlus Trailer On The Road Edition also gets twin V-beds with storage facilities. All this absolute class and sumptuous design means that you will have to shell out around $137,000 for a timelessly cool Bowlus Road Chief – On The Road trailer without the optional add on’s.

Bowlus Trailer 4

Bowlus Trailer 5

Bowlus Trailer


Image source – Bowlus Trailers

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