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September 7th, 2017

As amazing as the current McLaren P1 GTR is, when asked what McLaren’s best racing car is, I’ll always say the M6A. Completed back in 1967, the McLaren M6A was essentially a works car, with just three being built. All of them went racing, with McLaren taking home their first Can-Am series with Bruce, Robin Herd, Don Beresford and Tyler Alexander. To celebrate the fact that 5 decades ago Bruce McLaren Racing won all but one race, McLaren took the legendary race car to Donington Park and let an excited motoring journalist have a play with it.

The car is as difficult to drive today as it was back then. A simple monocoque design and a brutal 5.9-litre Chevrolet-sourced V8 make for one hell of a recipe for speed. The McLaren M6A develops north of 525 horsepower but only weighs around 1355lbs. That’s just 614 kilograms. As insane as that sounds today, imagine what it must have felt like back in the late 60s. You get no active aero grip and the tires are way less advanced than what modern racing cars get. The bravery and commitment from drivers were what got them to the podium in the end.

Video via McLaren Automotive on YouTube

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