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When that urge to get away in comfort is strong, you need the Bruder EXP-6 Off Road Camper.

We seldom meet people who wouldn’t like to go away from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives for a few days to a place devoid of a modern connected world. However, we are all creatures of comfort and even though we might want to visit a secluded corner of the country, we still would like to carry relative safety and comfort with us. That’s why we love campers, they let us go away from the concrete wilderness and relax in the secluded peace of a forest along a river bank. But then, a lot many others too, and this means that almost every camping site you know will be known to others as well and the last thing you would need will be excessive human interference on your time out. That’s why we just love the idea and its execution behind the Bruder EXP-6 Off Road Camper.

Bruder EXP-6 Off Road Camper

The beauty of this Bruder EXP-6 Off Road Camper lay in the fact that it successfully adds adventure into the whole humble camping seen. Thinking of it, you can just lock it to the back of your off-road automotive workhorse and just pass that river and leave every other (lesser) camper busy with those human interactions on a holiday. Built by two Australian Brothers Dan and Toby Bosschieter, the Bruder Off Road Camper takes it name from the German word for ‘Brother’. The Bosschieter siblings grew up traveling in the vast Australian outback with their father who was a Bush Pilot. This gave the brothers a first-hand experience of traveling and camping in the harsh outback, lesson which they have incorporated in this go-anywhere camper.

Bruder EXP-6 Off Road Camper


The Bruder EXP-6 Off Road Camper is based on a rather rugged custom chassis design by Bosschieter siblings. The unique frame design does not have any openings in its construction. This means that the user and occupants will be devoid of any mood dampening natural occurrences during camping like moisture and dirt. The unique and brilliant frame design of the off road camper trailer also does not feature any low hanging cross-members or subframes, thus letting it go easily through rocks without any danger of getting hung up. Bosschieter siblings also designed the steel round tube suspension in a way it can be installed within the EXP-6’s frame rails, where it is considerably protected from catching on rough terrain. Then there’s an added advantage of a 12-inch wheel travel, meaning, the camper trailer has a suspension system designed to deal with all kinds of off roading requirements aided by its air springs.

Bruder EXP-6 Off Road Camper

Moving on to the body of the Off Road Camper, to keep things strong and light, Bosschieter siblings has used lightweight carbon fiber, instead of the usual campers (of the other side of the river) bodywork of plywood, fiberglass or aluminum. This lightweight body is mounted on the tough all-weather, go-anywhere frame with automotive-style rubber bushings which are good enough to provide a cushy ride from this hard camper. The whole design of the Off Road Camper was done while keeping a typical tow vehicle in mind. Thus, its wheels follow tracks of the tow vehicle’s, and the trailer’s cabin is custom built not to hang out beyond the pulling truck’s overall width.

Bruder EXP-6 Off Road Camper Aerial ViewOn the inside, Bruder EXP-6 Off Road Camper naturally comes loaded with all the amenities and other bells and whistles, a typical adventure camper might need. You get a comfortable big bed, a refrigerator, supply of hot and cold running water and a TV to catch that all important MotoGP race. In short, it is a perfect camper trailer for the sort of wanderers we are (whenever Boss lets us to be, that is). However, if we do meet Bosschieter siblings we would definitely ask, does it come in Black?

For those among you who would like to cross that all-important river and make your intentions of a proper secluded holiday loud and clear, you would have to shell around $100,000 for a custom built Bruder EXP-6 Off Road Camper. Luckily for US customers, Bruder will arrange shipment to the U.S. Nice!

Watch the stunning video showing the Bruder EXP-6 Off Road Camper in real (off-road) world below.

Bruder EXP-6 Off Road Camper

Bruder EXP 6 Off Road Camper

Bruder EXP-6 Off Road Camper

Image and video source – Bruder

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