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April 16th, 2016

BMW Motorrad has always been known to make motorcycles that were designed with no holds bar approach signifying their maker relentless approach to make flawless machines. The concentration of BMW Motorrad is known to have always put function before form and has resulted in many brilliant motorcycles that sometimes have had quirky designs. Needless to say, these mighty capable motorcycles have found immense love from the custom motorcycle building world, given birth to a few incredible pieces of custom motorcycle designing, such as this Brutal Beauty – BMW K100 by Motorecyclos.

BMW K100 by Motorecyclos Front Left

BMW K100 by Motorecyclos


Build by the Italian custom building shop, the Brutal Beauty – BMW K100 by Motorecyclos as per the makers is ‘Pivotal and bold while serving as a primal expression of strength’. To fit the motorcycle to its rather captivating name, the BMW K100 was ripped of every part and fender that was deemed unnecessary bringing forth the brutal muscles and was draped in a soft shade to showcase its agility.  This builds provides an insight into the mind of designer Pierluigi Portolano’s, Founder, Motorecyclos whose passion lies in comics, film and photography.

BMW K100 by Motorecyclos Seat

Pierluigi believes in creating designs that tell a story of the past while embracing what the future holds, and try to create motorcycles that act as a gateway to express one’s own style and the fact that every choice we make says something about us; shows our emotions and describes who we really are. There is this superhero comic charm in these designs by Pierluigi and his team and is something that stirs up all sorts of passions inside of us. We are sure that you love this Brutal Beauty – BMW K100 by Motorecyclos as much as we do and that’s why heading on to the Motorecyclos website is the right thing to do.

BMW K100 by Motorecyclos Rear Left

BMW K100 by Motorecyclos Side Right

BMW K100 by Motorecyclos rear three quarters




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