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December 7th, 2015

Power Sailing.

The all new Bugatti Niniette SuperSport yacht by Palmer Johnson was showcased recently, to put all the thoughts that Bugatti was limited to Tarmac, behind. Bugatti’s decision to amalgamate with world renowned shipyard-Palmer Johnson and also to get back to the shipping business (after almost a century) is really a dream come true for all those geriatric millionaire and yacht aficionados who always dreamt of a combination like never before.

Bugatti Palmer Johnson Supersport Yacht 4

Similarly, it was a dream of an Italian-born Ettore Bugatti, who considered himself as an artist and a constructor both, founded Bugatti in 1909. Hence, this blend makes no mistake to reflect Ettore Bugatti’s love for his daughter Niniette, named after what he used to call her.

While the vessels are inspired by Bugattis principle of design, beauty and from various race victories, they will have three variants. Also, not only hull of these sport yachts sporting Type 41 ‘Royale’ and Type 57 Atlantic from Bugatti are carved out of carbon fiber but you will see variants’ parts made out of titanium and precious wood as well. With customizable interior options, these three variants will be able to do a top speed of 38 knots and will be able to accommodate up to 4 guests. Variants differ by the following; a 42ft, 63ft and the PJ88 which lengthens herself to 88ft; but not as long as the production time taken, 12 months.

Bugatti Palmer Johnson Supersport Yacht 3 Bugatti Palmer Johnson Supersport Yacht 2 Bugatti Palmer Johnson Supersport Yacht 1

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