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December 30th, 2014

The Lamborghini V12 is an engine to celebrate. Found only inside the company’s flagship cars, this engine is the best of both worlds, it is capable of chucking out some serious power as well as produce a majestic sound that would lead to massive goosebumps. So when, somehow, one has a spare Lambo engine lying around, there are quite a few creative devilish ideas that can come to mind (ignoring the Top Gear blender kinds) to put this powerful engine to use.

Chuck Beck, the legendary builder and fabricator had one such engine lying around since his friend’s Lambo (apparently a Murcielago) caught fire some time back. Beck decided to put the engine to good use by strapping it to a motorcycle chassis, creating the monster what you see in the pictures.

Appearing at the Caffeine and Octane event in Alpharetta, Georgia earlier this month the motorcycle and engine is nothing like anyone has ever seen. To fit the massive V12 into the motorcycle, the chassis had to be modified in such a way that the handlebars sit far away from the front forks and rack and are only connected to the front end via linkages.

While this isn’t the kind of motorcycle that would worry anyone with its practicality, till the time the engine fires up and emits that beautiful V12 roar, it certainly is going to be scary no matter how you see it, practically, psychologically and aurally. Imagine the results of opening the throttle a wee bit too much and sending a few hundred bhps and torques to the rear wheel. While Beck hasn’t give names to his creation, what would be the first that comes to your mind ?

Hit the link below to hear the V12-powered motorcycle fire up:

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