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October 27th, 2016

Wooden Toy Cars With A Touch Of  60s Lifestyle

As far as I remember, my love affair with scale model cars has either been with products that are either made out of plastic or metal (mostly metal). My infatuation for cars started with small, plasticy Hot Wheels cars when I was a kid before I even understood the vast world of scale model cars, or even the car culture. But when I was growing up, those plastic cars really were really screaming for help for any sort of quality, something Candylab’s wooden toy cars are addressing to now.

Candylab’s cars aren’t there to resemble any motoring icon that existed. Instead, their products are a homage to the way of life of retro 60’s living. Their model cars are made from the exact same techniques that mid-century craftsmen used, and have the same vintage feel but are made with the sturdiness and durability of modern-age workmanship.

Candylab Wooden Toy Cars Blackjack

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This innovative toy company has been around for a couple of year during which their Kickstarter campaigns have enabled them to brings forth some really amazing vintage wooden toy car designs. The company now has over 16 models to offer, out of which 3 new models – Ace, Pioneer and Blackjack are up for pre-order as a part of their new Americana Collection.

Candylab Wooden Toy Cars Americana Collection Candylab Wooden Toy Cars Blackjack Candylab Wooden Toy Cars Ace Candylab Wooden Toy Cars Pioneer

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