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August 25th, 2016

When it comes to petrolheads decorating their homes with items that showcase their passion, things can go south too easily. A piston for an ashtray doesn’t spell classy and an extravagant V8 espresso machine isn’t really everyone’s cup of coffee. Artwork though, is the safest and the most approachable way to keep things light, yet very tasteful. Artist Ryan Kroodsma has perfectly taken care of that very genre by creating a massive collection of car art prints, made for those who care about uncluttered minimalist design.

Ryan’s minimal car art prints come in a variety of options. There are choices between classic cars and modern ones while there are ones that showcase an entire generation of cars beautifully portrayed one below the other. The representation of car models is brought down to their bare simple silhouettes that showcase the curves and the beautiful design that made the car car such a cult in its own. Posters like the “Ferrari Hypercar Evolution” remind one of the iconic Italian carmaker’s journey though the decades in just one eyeful glance.

Artlines, Ryan’s store has a vast variety of posters to choose from. There is something special for everyone, even for the motorcycling afficianados to hang elegantly on their walls. The full gallery of Ryan’s car art prints can be seen and purchased on his website.

Car Art Prints by Ryan Car Art Prints by Ryan 2 Car Art Prints by Ryan 3 Car Art Prints by Ryan 4 Car Art Prints by Ryan 5

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