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June 24th, 2017

We had a chat with Dusan Djordjevic about his incredibly detailed car art to find out what goes behind creating such incredible pieces that you see here in the photos.

Bhuvan Chowdhary: Where are you based?
Dusan Djordjevic: I’m from Belgrade, Serbia (Europe)

BC: Since when are you drawing?
DD: Since I was a 5-year old child. I have been practically drawing my entire life. When I was young, my teachers recognised my love and talent for art and give me the encouragement to attend all kinds of art classes. As a child, I used to draw superheroes and cars, but as I grew up, my art became more and more focus around cars.Porsche Car art by Dusan Djordjevic 6

BC: Do you come from an art background?
DD: Not at all. I’m a self-taught artist who has grown up studying Telecommunications and Programming in high school and college.

Porsche Car art by Dusan Djordjevic 3

BC: What’s inspired you to draw cars all this time?
DD: I was born into family of car enthusiasts. My father is car mechanic and my grandfather was a VW enthusiast who had a special spot for Beetles, bugs, buses etc. So from very young age I was always surrounded by cars and car parts. So naturally when I started to draw and paint, my first inpiration was the cars that were around me. Today I am happy to have transitioned completely into a person who has combined two of his greatest loves of cars and art together.

Porsche Car art by Dusan Djordjevic 8

BC: How long does one drawing typically take?
DD: It all depends actually. Along with cars, I am a watch enthusiast also and so I try to merge iconic timepieces with cars from the same era. Now, watches are quite a bit more complicated to draw as they have so many small, intricate details. So a drawing that consists both cars and watches takes a lot longer, about 20 – 25 hours. If i am drawing a car on a plain white background then it takes me about 10 hours to complete it.Porsche Car art by Dusan Djordjevic 11

BC: What car art can we see from you in the near future?
DD: I’m a huge Porsche fan and I am switching to painting on canvas very soon. So in the
near future you can expect hyperrealistic scenes from Porsche history.

BC: Where can we buy your prints?
DD: You can buy Porsche T-shirts, realistic drawings of your car, and art I have already created on my website. You can also stay in touch with me and what I am doing next on Instagram and Facebook where i post regularly.

Porsche Car art by Dusan Djordjevic 2 Porsche Car art by Dusan Djordjevic

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