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    May 11th, 2016

    The Mini since it came into existence way back in 1959 when it was manufactured by British Motor Corporation; the Mini has been the go to fun car for the masses that since its inception has been among the coolest things on four wheels to be seen in. The idea behind the original car was simple, to create a small car that could fit a large number of goals in a common persons daily life, however it was when the sportier ‘Cooper’ versions arrives, the fun part of Mini took a giant leap and ended up establishing the Mini among the cult brands in the automobile industry. With such aura, coolness and history connected to the original Mini and the (not so) Mini of today’s times taking the retro fun to another level, it is but obvious that a number of celebrities around the world have owned this classic icon over the years. And this is where we talk about 5 Celebrity Mini Owners that know how to be cool!

    Enzo Ferrari

    It doesn’t really get any bigger than this, the founder of the Scuderia Ferrari Gran Prix Racing team and the most beloved supercar brand on the planet, Ferrari, the mighty man himself, Enzo Ferrari was also a fan of the Mini. Mr. Ferrari back in the 1960’s had an Austin Mini Cooper which he used privately and it is said that his car was personally delivered by Alec Issigoinis, the British car designer who was the man behind the groundbreaking and influential development of the Mini.

    Celebrity Mini Owners Enzo FerrariJohn Lennon

    The co founder of the greatest band to have walked on earth ever, and one of the biggest pop icons the world has ever seen, John Lennon, just like his partner, Paul McCartney used to own a 1965 Austin Mini Cooper S. However, this particular Mini has a lot lot of mystery surrounding itself, a there is footage of John Lennon getting out of this Mini at Abbey Road, in December 1966, the registration number on the car,  LGF 696D was in fact Lennon’s own Mini built by Radford, which as is rumoured was stolen, at some point of time. It had a Black paint including the wheels, bumpers and seats. Heritage Records say it’s an Austin Cooper ‘S’ built on the 14th of February 1965 and dispatched to the Car Mart Ltd. of London on the 3rd March 1965.

    Celebrity Mini Owners John LennonSteve McQueen

    Now for the next big name on our 5 Celebrity Mini Owners list is THE King of Cool itself, Steve McQueen who personified cool to the maximum. An actor, a racer, a man who was the rage in the glorious 60’s McQueen was as legendary as a man could ever get. So there is little doubt that the King of Cool owned one of the coolest cars ever to have been designed, the original 1967 Mini Cooper S 1275, may be the man who could boast of the greatest car chase scene ever in film history for the movie, “Bullitt” knew, only the Mini could match his own ‘Cool’ persona.

    Celebrity Mini Owners Steve McQueenPaul McCartney 

    Bassist for The Beatles, probably the greatest band in the history of Pop music, Sir Paul McCartney is among the most iconic names from the music industry and from the times when the world was all glory, in love and is passion with life and it was the time of ‘Cool’. And if you were cool, the times were cool and the whole world (well almost) was cool, then you had to have a drive that was cool too, thus enter the 1965 Radford Mini Cooper ‘S’ into Sir Paul McCartney’s garage and him in our 5 Celebrity Mini Owners list. However, Sir Paul McCartney isn’t the only band member from The Beatles who owned a Mini, Lennon and Harrison did to, and they had the GT versions. And then you ask why Mini is so cool? Seriously!

    Celebrity Mini Owners Paul McCartneyClint Eastwood

    Not many know the art of ‘badass-ry’ like the way Clint Eastwood does, just as McQueen was the King of Cool, Clint Eastwood had emerged as the Icon of Manliness back in the 60’s. Even today at the age of 86 years, a single frown on Mr. Eastwood’s head leaves a deep scare in the hearts of movie bad guys. In a nutshell, Clint Eastwood is knows the badass way to cool like he invented it. No wonder he owns a 1966 Morris Mini Traveler Cooper ‘S’ powered Woodie Wagon, just a right kind of car to be seen driving around, killing bad guys and being all cool about the whole affair. We welcome him (mostly scared and intimidated) to our list of 5 Celebrity Mini Owners.

    Celebrity Mini Owners Clint Eastwood

    So here you go, these are the 5 Celebrity Mini Owners we wanted to talk about as throwback Thursday, except it being a Friday, but then cool is cool and there ain’t no car as cool as the Mini mate!

    Images by Courtesy: The Mini Forum

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