December 10th, 2014

Ningbo Longjia Motorcycles is a Chinese two-wheeler manufacturer mostly specialising in scooters and three wheelers. In the recent years, Longjia scooters have made their way into european markets and have seen quite a good response to their machines. While Chinese motorcycles are not the first preference for many, Longjia’s new motorcycle doesn’t seem to be such a bad thing.

Longjia V-Twin Front render revealed

The front sports a simple and minimal touch with standard telescopic forks

The recent patent filed by the firm suggests that the scooter and three-wheeler firm manufacturer is looking to introduce a new air-cooled V-twin for the European market.

Longjia V-Twin Left side profile render revealed

Longjia V-Twin renderings reveal a very european cafe racer design

While the body shape leans towards a mini cafe racer design, the models of the motorcycle seem to have petal discs at the front and rear while having a side mounted number plate giving it a very retro appeal.

The patent has been filed in Europe, implying that the new motorcycle would be launched for that region along with their local China market. While currently there are no specifications that are out as of date regarding the engine and other parts of the machine, it could be quite possible that the engine is based on one of the engines that the company supplies to other manufacturers. Also, apart from the illustrious lineup of scooters that the company manufactures, this will be their first venture into motorcycles.

Longjia Motorcycles New V-Twin – Image Gallery

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