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February 29th, 2016

Chris Labrooy is a UK-based artist who has been exploring creativity with the idea of auto elasticity. His previous works on the same principle include “The Tales Of Auto Elasticity” in which Chris took inspiration from American cars in their local surrounds. This time, the artist has taken inspiration from the capital city of Japan and Kisho Kurokawa’s Nagakin landmark capsule tower that resides in it. Further, there is more inspiration that can be seen from the Japanese world of animation and their love for cars.

Chris Labrooy Tales Of Auto Elasticity Honda NSX and Datson 240Z

For this new artwork, Chris Labrooy has chosen four of the most iconic Japanese cars ever built – Honda NSX, Datsun 240Z, Nissan Skyline GT-R and the drifting nutcase that is the Toyota AE86. These cars while being parked on the street of Japan are digitally distorted, stretched, twisted and tangled as they meet each other while driving through the barren urban landscape in Labrooy’s film. While doing so, the 240Z and the NSX harmoniously interlock into one another in a strange geometry that does not follow by the rules of gravity. On the other hand, the Toyota is elongated to create a void between its body and wheels, where the two most famous Japanese animated characters Pikachu and Sonic reside. Lastly,  the GT-R in electric blue is cut into half with its top half hovering in mid-air to create a mind-boggling image.

Chris Labrooy Tales Of Auto Elasticity Datson GT-R Chris Labrooy Tales Of Auto Elasticity Part 2 Chris Labrooy Tales Of Auto Elasticity Toyota AE86 with Sonic and Pikachu

Hit the link below to watch the Tales of Auto Elasticity – Tokyo, courtesy Chris Labrooy:

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