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    June 10th, 2017

    The partnership between Christopher Ward and Morgan Motor Company seems apt as both the companies are English, hence share the same philosophies. The new chronometer collection from Christopher Ward and Morgan consist of the Three Wheeler, Classic Roadster and the Aero 8. To make the Morgan Chronometer a truly unique timepiece with the characteristics of Morgan cars, they are hand-built and are available with bespoke detailing. Christopher Ward has infused its in-house, hand-built, custom-finished movement – Calibre SH21 in the Morgan Chronometer series, giving it a steady 120 hour (5day) power reserve. All the timepieces in the Morgan Chronometer collection come with a unique option to engrave the chassis number of the Morgan car. Read more about the Morgan Chronometer collection here.

    C1 Morgan Classic ChronometerChristopher Ward Morgan Chronometer Collection 6The C1 Morgan Classic Chronometer houses the premium C1 Grand Malvern 40.5mm steel case with brushed facets. The Classic Chronometer brings out the sophistication and grace of the English brand, it also adds up the historic value of the watch by having a raised polished Morgan Wings badge under the 12 o’clock numerical.

    C1 Morgan 3 Wheeler Chronometer
    Christopher Ward Morgan Chronometer Collection 1The C1 Morgan 3 Wheeler Chronometer design takes inspiration from the Morgan Aviation wing. The symbols and numbering on the black diamond-like-carbon (DLC) watch face reveal aviation roots of Morgan.

    C1 Morgan Aero 8 ChronometerChristopher Ward Morgan Chronometer Collection 9The C1 Morgan Aero 8 Chronometer resembles with the stylish and eye-catching cockpit of the Morgan Aero 8. Its custom-finished twin barrels with dissimilar circles showcases uniqueness in its design and brings out the racing culture of the Morgan Heritage.

    Technical Specifications of the Morgan Chronometer collection

    Outer Casing

    Diameter: 40.5mm

    Material: Steel case with brushed facets

    Inner Working

    Movement:  Calibre SH21

    Power Reserve: 120hours (5days) with power reserve indicator subdials (Aero8)

    Image Source – Christopher Ward

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