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on March 9th, 2017

The name Citroen brings in a lot of fond memories of Sebastain Loeb’s DS3 rocketing flat out through the dense forest stages of Rally Finland, with the only proof of the car having passed through is from the settling clouds of rooster tails it has left behind. So saying Citroen Cars did well in the World Rallying Championship would be quite an understatement, they clearly ruled the rallying scene with their Citroen Xsara, C4 and the DS3 going down as absolute legends in the books of Rally Fans.

The French company won many accolades for making simple, fun and performance oriented cars, but the often overlooked fact about these cars is that they also happen to be very handsome looking machines, well it is a given considering that Citroen is a company which originates from the same country that houses the fashion capital of the world, so style has remained an integrated part of their DNA. Mullin Car Museum has rightly acknowledged the styling brilliance of the Citroen Cars and added a fleet of early Citroen’s to their Car Museum in California.

Citroen Cars

Mullin Car Museum pays tribute to finely crafted French automobiles of the early 1900’s right up to the World War 2. The early 1900’s is considered as the era where Automobiles were crafted and not manufactured and also not just driven but celebrated. Therefore it comes as no surprise that majority of the cars on display at Mullin Car Museum have won many prestigious awards for their exquisite design and few of the cars top it by having won some historic races too, such is the display of form and function; craftsmanship and automotive art.

Citroen Cars was founded in 1919, by Andre-Gustave Citroen, who believed in the idea of making fast, light and affordable Cars. Andre Citroen initially started out as an engineer who was in the business of manufacturing Gears for Ships and Cruises, post the World War 1, Andre Citroen found a very evident demand for affordable and efficient cars, that was needed by the everyday person, he therefore went on to produce his first mass produced, production based car, the Type A.

1919 Citroen Model A 1919 Citroen Model A-front 1919 Citroen Cars Model A-front 3q

The Type A Citroen Car was an instant hit with the public and announced the arrival of Citroen as an automotive brand not just in France but across Europe. The Type A was fitted with the Citroen badge designed with chevrons which was used in gears for ships, a homage to Andre-Gustave Citroen’s automotive beginnings.

A pristine example of  Type A is on display at the Mullin Car Museum along with other exquisitely crafted Citroen Cars. The Car Museum is a transcending voyage through time from the modern Californian streets filled with hybrids and modern supercars to the picturesque streets of Paris in the early 1900’s.

The visit to the Mullin Car Museum will leave you with nostalgia and appreciation for the evolution of automobiles from an era that can be considered as the direct predecessor to the currently mass produced, efficient, affordable and reliable cars that’s currently parked in both your and my driveway.

1969 DS21 Cabriolet-Detail3 1935TA-Side2 1957 DS19 Berline - Side2 1969 DS21 Cabriolet-Side 1966_2CV_SAHARA_Side 1966_2CV_SAHARA_Rear

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